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Weekly chat 6th - 12 August

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Hi everyone and welcome to a new running week.

We are all so busy.....life can be hectic ........and even more so for us runners!

Fear not, here is a place to take five, and enjoy a chat about our running adventures, trials, tribulations, successes, achievements etc.

Sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week.

If you're a lurker it is a great place to say a little hi, without the pressure of a full post.

Wishing you all a happy , healthy and well hydrated week,

Oldfloss, Ju-ju, Realfoodieclub, Bluebirdrunner and me..Millsie-J. Enjoy X

6 Replies

Top of my foot hurts. Think I tied the laces too tight on Saturday 🙁



As you know I still cant run but can walk fairly quickly so my hope when I can run again will be in November. Anyway Saturday went out and managed 14Km and it took me 2hrs 23 mins so going to try a bit further this weekend.

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Thats a great achievement Michael, brilliant!


I’ve got an 8km road race next Saturday. I’m having an easy 5km before that. I need to recover from a hilly, hot run yesterday. My hips are aching and that’s a new species of niggle !


I’ve been walking in the Lake District, eating well, and catching up with friends so apart from Saturday’s parkrun in Hyndburn, I’ve done no running. I hope to get one run in before this Saturday’s parkrun at home. We enjoyed walking in the drizzle in Cumbria but back to 30 degrees again down south 😓


Exhausted and sore. Check out my 13.50 km Run on 08/11/18, mysports.tomtom.com/service... sorry for the link. But I ran 8 miles today... My furthest run. Just a shame that at 11km an old knee injury decided to kick in :( but this gives me so much confidence for the 10 mile run in as October :)

It was hotter than expected, but tried a couple of different things. First run with the hydration backpack, to help me not stop for drinks. Tried to slow it down for a slow run but no stopping which worked until 8km when walking for a bit. I also had a cereal branded breakfast shake before setting off as often feel nauseous running after eating.

It was a good run, slow but enjoyable, cooler and managed to hit a good distance. The water pack was niggley and not designed for women with the upper strap pressing down on the... Erm upper region which isn't good. So if anyone has a good recommendation for a female hydration pack suitable for larger breast I would be interested :)


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