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That was nice


Dragged my carcass out of bed this morning to force myself into a run as I haven’t done one since parkrun last sat.

The heat has sapped my will to do almost everything these days so this was no mean feat!.

Once I got the ol pistons going I found I was able to go go go!. I ended up doing my usual 5k then thought I’d just keep running home and almost reached 6 k for the first time.

I would have done 6k maybe more but I had to get back and shower, change and get mini me ready for summer camp then catch my train to work😕.

Only one more chance to fit another run in before we jump on a plane to Spain where it’s even hotter😱. Not sure how I’m going to run in 36 plus temps . When I got back from this one I felt like I’d gone for a swim in my running gear!. 😓

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The heat is making everything harder, especially for you folk down south. Well run, make the most of the final chance then have a great holiday!


Good for you, running any distance at the minute is hard work so you did really well to go to 6K!

If it's still to hot to run really early morning in Spain then don't worry about it. The rest will do you good and you'll be raring to go when you get back home. Have a great holiday.

I’ll be living on churros and red wine for 2 weeks so I’ll probably come back looking like a sunburnt whale and need to start C25K again 🤨


This weather is good practice for Spain! When I was in Majorca I ran just at daybreak before the glare of the sun and I found whilst it was really hot there was a slightly cooler breeze. Enjoy your holiday :)

Impressive! Have a lovely holiday looking forward to your next post😀


Well done Forest, have a lovely holiday :) :)

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