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A long farewell - big toenail!


So, just one more run to complete before the big 10km on Friday and then off on my jollies on the following Tuesday - perfect!!

However, it is not to be. An already battered big toenail (I know, I need new trainers 🙈), lost in an altercation with a sun lounger.

I won’t post the picture as it will put everyone off their tea 🤮, but I am now the proud owner of a partially detached nail. As it’s lifted from its bed, there is no chance that I’ll be able to wear my trainers any time soon. So, unless I cut off the top of one, or take up some extreme barefoot running, Ju-Ju’s 10 km plan is scuppered ☹️☹️.

At least I guess I should be thankful that it is summer and I can wear open toed footwear.

Feeling very disappointed. Any advice much appreciated .

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Wrap some duct tape round it.. good to go. It's just a toenail.


If you have a shoe that you don’t mind sacrificing, cut a hole in it

The detaching toe nail is risky cos,if you snag it it would be horrible I have one at the moment and am putting a cushioned plaster on it and then covering that with a Co-op brand plaster (more like tape but it is cushioned, and lies very flat and stays put. It’s a good length too so doesn’t become a nuisance ).

The nail may well shed at some point but it can take an age. Epsom Salts is a good buy and you can use it in your post run bath, or have a foot bath. I buy it from our pet shop 🙂.

Mine is lifting from one corner but looks less black now so maybe it’s improving 😁

Keep an eye on, don’t let it snag! If you’re worried seek professional help 🙂

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Unfortunately, only have the one pair of trainers. Strapped down the nail as best I could and tried on my trainer - ouchy ouchy.



you said it yourself, you need new trainers. so cut out the top of the current ones, tape up your toe and run. then get much needed new shoes when the nail bed heals. come on, this is running you're talking about. I would cut off my toe rather than not run!!!




Ouchy... I lost 2 toenails doing the Exmoor marathon but was able to carry on running as I just covered up the exposed bed and snipped hanging bits off... Is it painful too?

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