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Week 1 run 1 of Ju-Ju's Plan - what a change


So, after contemplating what I wanted to challenge myself at after 2 years of running 5k's I decided to follow ju-ju- 's plan. I went out at 8.30am and set off on a 2.5K run. I didn't feel in the mood this morning but wow, am I glad I went. I haven't had a buzz like this in a while having got bogged down in the times and same routes for my 5K.

I completed it with a pace of 6:47/Km (10:55/mile) and a lot of sweat. I did part of a regular route near to the local airport otherwise I get caught up in the pedestrian rush hour traffic near schools. It felt good to turn around halfway and continue past those pesky gremlins who wait behind a particular bin, a long (not really that long but feels like it) stretch of gravel path next to allotments before hitting the car park and on to the homeward stretch.

I also tried out the audio cue on Strava for every half km which seemed to work well.

Bring on my next run!

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Excellent work well done! I'm sure you'll love ju-ju's plan - it's great. You get to try so many different things with the mix of runs each week and that keeps it really interesting. Good luck with your next run x

Thanks. Just hope I can carry on through the heat. Slow and steady for the next one.

pianoteacherGraduate10 in reply to Inspiredmum

Just take it really easy with pace and I'm sure you'll be fine. The plan is very relaxed as well - I've gone off piste for most of it because I walk/run Parkruns with my son and run on Wednesday's with a running club x

Good to know that going off piste works well. It's already given me an incentive to find new routes locally which is a great way to avoid gremlins x

pianoteacherGraduate10 in reply to Inspiredmum

I found loads of new routes since starting it - was just pounding up and down the seafront for couch25k x


I prefer the 0.5K Strava announcements too. It's easier to keep going when the going gets tough as it's only about 0.5K to the next marker, and once you get there you often feel like you can run on - rinse and repeat! 😊

Inspiredmum in reply to Sutsha

Most definitely agree with you. I thought it would be a distraction but instead it's an incentive - need all I can get!

It sounds like you’re going to do really well on hi-ju’s plan. What I love about the longer runs is the chance to find new routes, new scenery and hear more of my music. It’s great just to run and enjoy and not get so bogged down with statistics too.

Happy running. 😀

Sounds fab, a change is as good as a rest so they say! 😎👍


I am on week 6 of the plan now. It has really reinvigorated my running too, and it is lovely to have a shift in focus – distance not speed. The heat is challenging…but we will just have to work with it! Enjoy! x


I used Strava outside for the first time today and I used the 0.5km prompts too, I also found afterwards that I had run some segments that have been run by others in the past, seems I am quite fast for my age but not for my weight lol


Great to hear your joy and thanks for spreading your excitement around!

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