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My 5k time is FINALLY improving! After finishing C25k at the end of April my 5k pace was a slow and steady 45 minutes. I consolidated a while and did Ju-Ju's 10k plan. I was training for my first 10k race that I knew would include lots of hills. So we did some hill training as well. Well the race was beautiful, stunning scenery, lovely town on the West Coast of BC, Canada. But it was an incredibly tough course. All hills, and we started with a heat wave that weekend and it hit 30 degrees that day. I didn't manage to run the whole 10k but tried my best. I ran about 80% of it and finished in an hour and 24 minutes. I was very happy with that considering the conditions. It's one of the hardest races in BC. because of it's steep terrain. Great choice for my first race??!! :O

Anyway... I think with the hill training and pushing the distance out trying to reach 10k has really helped my speed. I went for a run yesterday hoping for a good time, and although it was quite warm, I managed to push hard and finished 5k in 35 minutes. That's 10 minutes off my time from 2 months ago!! I huffed and puffed the whole way, my face was beet red and my heart rate was high, but I'm so pleased at the progress!

Now to nail that 10k. It doesn't feel far off at least.

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Wowsa, Toni. You rock!! That's an awesome improvement on the 5K. No wonder you're beaming.

Sadly I suspect the answer is hills. I have lots of hills. I will have to start running up the hills. Wish me luck, hon!! xx

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AlMorrGraduate10 in reply to sallenson

I ALWAYS wish you luck Stephen, even running in the heat and up hills can have some advantages, yesterday (28/6) had its hottest day ever, where I live the temperature got to 33.1C 91F degrees in old money, I felt really sorry for anyone out for a run in that heat. Tomorrow Saturday I will be on run 4 of post-graduation.

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Wow, what a great result. Fabulous pic of you there too..... well done!

That’s fantastic Toni. All those hills have paid off. That’s a super time! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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Great job on the PB! A remarkable improvement in a short period of time. You earned it with all those hills 😅

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Well done! I still can't do 5k in less than 44 minutes.

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