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Bah humbug MMR


Decided to go out for an ambient 3.5k run, deliberately much shorter than usual to avoid any aches.

Was a good plan except MapMyRun played up and squiggled off on its own route (and thought I was on a bike) and when I checked I’d only actually done 2.65k. Pffff.

However it was ambient and quite relaxing run so a success of sorts! It seems that the app is more liable to screw up if the phone battery is low and/or there are more people around, or am I imagining it?

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Never mind. You got out and ran 💪👍😀🏃‍♀️

Definitely a success 🙂


Yes sarararara, sometimes I think just having a watch and forgetting the tech is more relaxing. 🎼⏰


I have had MMR issues recently too. Moved to Strava and that went a bit doolally too! I just assumed GPS issues in my area? Who knows...frustrating though, especially when trying to follow a plan!

Glad you had a happy run anyway!

aaaah the ever-present GPS or <insert tracking app here> issues. Just thought I would say - I managed to fix, so far, my MMR issue! My Android phone is a bit old so I was not surprised when MMR stopped cooperating. I knew location services was working because Google Maps and Google Fit worked to track me but thought it was the end of MMR (and Strava) working. On a hunch I searched web forums for my phone and found that many issues were cured by an extra-long reset (I think this is specific to my phone but there might be a related thing for others). For certain problems, clearing the data stored by the app in question can help. I did both these things and last couple of runs MMR was working like a charm!

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