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Oooh, legs!

I won’t produce a photo as I’m worried the glare from my legs with the flash might blind you all! Still, it was warm enough for me to say goodbye to my full length leggings and hello legs! Ok, only 3/4 length, I’m not quite ready for anything above the knee yet( how Victorian!) but I really think Spring has sprung!

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine, if you’ve got it!

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Mine came out today too, started out in full length - nearly passed out with asphyxiation of the knees (is that even a thing?) then did vest and capris... There are a number of shocked locals...

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Not me! Not yet. It was cold and windy yesters although the sun did break through at times , so my capris are still on the hanger 😬

Maybe later 🤔


fingers crossed for you...

I am back to running tights today as it’s about 12 degrees, but it is still sunny, which does help


It rained again 😩



Nooo! So unfair! Mind you, I’m planning to run tomorrow morning which looks a trifle wet, so my legs may have made their only appearance in April already. 🤔😆💦🌧🏃🏼‍♀️


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