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Yes, right glute is giving me jip. Did a fairly easy trail run along the cliff today. My right foot has been painful for a while but getting better; but I think I favoured it a bit today so my right knee started to ache and by the end I had a pain in the derriere. So, generally lopsided now. And it was raining and muddy and slippery.

But the funny thing about running, especially as a relative novice, is that you get very warm, even on cold rainy days, so I always end up thinking what a lovely day it is.

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I hope it eases up for you soon!!!


Sounds painful - hope the aches and lopsidedness don't last. This weather doesn't help. I know what you mean about warming up. I've done the whole of C25K in generally bad and very cold weather, and by the end of a run I always feel toasty and not cold at all! In fact, I'm wondering how I'll cope when the weather eventually gets warmer - I'm not great with hot weather! Happy running! 😀👍


Sounds sore - hopefully will settle soon.

Ouch, sounds painful. Do you need a couple of extra rest days to allow for a bit of healing?


Oh, bum! Hope it's better soon.


Sorry about the aches, but LOVE the idea of running making you think all days are lovely! I think I could easily join you with that! 😃

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