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BM10k will be my slowest ever


A few weeks to the BM10k and my other half and I are signed up and ready to go. Unfortunately it looks like it will be the slowest 10K ever as I had a stroke on Friday.

I dodged a proverbial bullet and am lucky to be alive, one of the things that saved me was how fit I now am thanks to C25K, without this programme I might not be here today.

I spoke to the stroke specialist and she said so can go ahead but need to run slow and walk lots. I was on course for a first sub one hour until a naughty clot decided to travel north and go bang.

I may have a DNF as I need to take my health seriously or I may have to walk miles but I’ll give it a go

If you’re at the Brighton Marathon 10K and see me toddling along at the back then say ‘hi’

...and I’ll still be in front of people on the couch.

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Wow Cliff sorry to hear about the stroke but oh so glad you seem to be doing ok. It's great that your stroke specialist gave you the ok to still participate. Toddle along proudly that you are there and able! I'll be cheering for you from across the pond 👏👏👏.


Sorry to hear you had a stroke but you have not let that beat you! So go out there and be proud that you are off the couch and participating in a 10k event. Take it easy, walk/run as necessary, you will be fab.


That is some heavy news Cliff, but its great that you got the ok to get out there from your doc. Take your time, at your own pace and just enjoy the fact that you can. Like you say, you dodged a serious bullet. Huge respect to you for going forward, slow or not. We will be willing you on!

Flippen heck! Love your determination and drive. Enjoy your 10k (it’s amazing that you’re doing it!!) All power to you Cliff_H 💪🏻


Thanks for the kind replies folks. I couldn’t pop my clogs. I’ve only had two runs in my new Asics 😂


So sorry to hear about your stoke. What an inspiration you are with good luck with your 10k. Not only will you be ahead of those on the couch. You'll be ahead of many others who haven't made it to 10K yet.


Wow, you are one tough guy! You seem to have really dodged the bullet and are extremely lucky to have got off so lightly. All due to c25k of course! And it's brilliant that you've got the all clear to run - amazing. Good luck, we'll definitely be cheering you on!


Oh gosh so sorry to hear this, I hope that you are fighting fit again very soon. My mother-in-law had a stoke 15 years ago and again last year (but she doesn't look after her health) and the medicine has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and is far more preventative than ever before.

It's wonderful that you can run/walk it, soak it all up and enjoy. And go you! We'll be cheering you virtually.


Sorry to hear that Cliff. All the very best for your recovery


Crikey! That’s a shock ! Bloomin eck 😳 you’re still here though thanks to your fitness 😃💪👍🏃‍♂️

Ever so good luck at your event! Your first event post stroke, which is a big deal when you think about it.

Go steady 😃👍🏃‍♂️ Bring home the bling 😃

Cliff and especially Cliff’s OH, thinking about you at this tricky time but you know what? You have achieved so much, a little bleed in the brain needs to jog on!


That was a curve ball Cliff. Glad to hear you are being so positive, I’ll be in Brighton to watch Mr SC do the marathon so I’ll keep an eye out for you (although it is a really busy race). Good luck but more importantly take care.

Respect Cliff for your positivity and determination. All the best for the 10k and your recuperation.


Made me cry Cliff as I’m being a grumpy, cannot get my mojo back, almost none runner this week. So you have inspired me to flipping get on with it instead of moaning about not being much good at it and feeling sorry for myself. So thank you for the kick!

I do hope you stay well and enjoy the 10K what an amazing man you are. Xx

Oh my goodness Cliff_H, that must have been so scary, but huge respect to you for being so positive. Just being on the start line is a massive achievement so we’ll done and take it easy! Well all be here cheering you on! Let us know how it goes.


So much respect for your determination not to be beaten. Good luck for the Brighton 10k, and for your recovery

Oh my goodness! So glad you are alright, and how amazing you are persevering. Take care of yourself.


Will cross everything that's you done with stroke. Enjoy your 'outing' at the 10k whatever form your participation takes.


So sorry to hear about your stroke Cliff, what a shock... but glad that you are doing ok...

Good luck to you and Mrs H with your 10k, I hope you enjoy your day and take it very gently...😊xxx


Just a bit of an update folks, looks like, much to my disappointment, the BM10k is not on my cards and I was a bit over optimistic, still feeling like a hand grenade went off in my head (which is pretty much what happened)... going to take advantage of the B&B we booked for a nice evening out and will collect our race packs, the plan is to run the route on our own in a few months time, it looks like I’ll be off work for a few months and medical advice seems to be that cardio exercise such as running is good for me so I’ll be trying to keep fitness up once the initial symptoms have cleared.

Thanks again for your support and positive thoughts

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