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Back on the quest to 10k (2nd time)

Did the 3.5k of week 3 today. I've been taking it cautiously, did 2.5k last Sunday. 2 weeks ago I was skiing and had a heavy fall onto one leg midweek. I could ski the rest of the week but walking was painful - especially stairs, had to go up and down 2 feet to a step like a 2 year old πŸ˜„

The odd thing was that no bruising came out - unusual for me. Anyway, back on track now and I remembered today during and after my run, just how good it makes me feel. I seriously believe that I am a nicer person when I'm running regularly! πŸ˜„

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Oh no! I’m skiing at the moment. Hopefully no falls during the week. I plan to restart to quest to 10k when I get back. Gentle reintroduction.

Hope you are fully recovered and back on track.


Hi Joy, sorry to hear about your fall whilst ski-ing, and glad it didn't stop you enjoying the rest of your holiday..but ouch!😯

Home again and back on plan...pleased to hear you enjoyed your run, thats why we do it after all...😊xx

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So sorry about your accident but glad you are getting better.

As for your last comment - I am with you there! I haven't been running much lately due to a bad knee and I have been utterly unbearable (even to myself!).


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