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Post-Pilates plotting...

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So I have been to postnatal Pilates in an effort to begin my return to running. It was brilliant (the fact that the lovely instructor walked my grizzly baby up and down whilst I lay on the floor and did uninterrupted guided relaxation was worth the course fee alone!), but made me aware of just how unstable my hips still are, and how knackered my alignment is, and how my never-especially-brilliant glutes need building from nothing again.

So the plan is to do just Pilates and walking (and millions of Kegels, because I do not wish to wee on my running leggings if at all possible) until the little one is 12 weeks, and then see how I feel and tentatively get back to it starting with c25k week one. If it works, that'll have me back to 5k by the end of January, then leaves me 15 weeks to train for the beautiful Welsh half marathon I did 2 years ago (see my jubilant post here: ).

What do we reckon? Can it be done? Will I annoy the be-Jesus out of you lot posting about week 1 runs on this board while you bash out 10ks and beyond (if so, please say and I'll head over to c25k again)? Is anyone up for jollying me along/giving me a kick up the arse when needed/listening to me waffle?

I hope your Mondays have been kind to you. X

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You earned you place in this community, so please feel free to post here. We’ll love to read your posts and hear about your escapades/progress, where-ever you post it.

But I wonder if your enthusiasm, can-do style and hilarious choice of phrases (to say nothing of the bizarre heckles) would be helpful to the new runners on the C25K forum?? I know that you would be a great encouragement.

Anyway, you decide... and if you are training for a HM, shouldn’t you be on that forum ;-) ??

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the_tea_fairy in reply to MarkyD

That forum says 'marathon' at the top Marky: I do not (yet) belong there!! (Though I confess to a quiet voice in the back of my mind that says 'you know labour? You know it was tough and you still did it after absolutely no training and in the probably worst shape of your adult life? You know the Bob Graham Round? It's probably not that much tougher, AND you could train for it.')

Maybe I'll go c25k. Maybe I'll ask for my half marathon badge to satisfy my vanity at the same time.

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the_tea_fairy in reply to MarkyD

And thanks for your kind words 😊

I am very very happy to read, converse, celebrate, encourage you on the next steps of your journey wherever you decide to post.

I do agree with MarkyD though, you will be inspirational for new runners on C25k. Equally you have experience to share on this forum, certainly for the likes of me who have not yet run a half marathon.

It is so good to read that you now have a plan. I love a plan🏃🏻‍♀️

Can it be done? Well until you try it we wont know, but from what I've read so far, if anyone can , you can. Just keep listening to your body and react accordingly.

Good luck runner⭐️

Thanks millsie - I found I LOVED hm distance and weirdly prefer it to 10k and DEFINITELY to 5.

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Would love to hear of your adventures on this forum. Wherever you want to go! Your decision (or both c25k and here?).

Thanks! Double posting seems a bit too narcissistic I reckon, and I don't need any encouragement on that front!

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Just read your post from two years ago - wow what a great run! Made me feel quite exhausted. Well done for getting started with pilates (never done it but fancy trying) and good plan to continue this and walking. Keep us posted on your progress 😊

It's a lovely race. And if you can run 10 miles you can run a half. In case that's a useful thought (go for it! 😉👍🏼)

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Keep posting TF. I'm always around as I'm just too nosey and love to see what everyone is up to! I look forward to reading all about your return 🙂

Keep an eye out; still haven't quite decided where I'll be posting, but am always grateful of your kind words. Xx

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Hi- would love to hear how you get on. I wasn't running 13 yrs ago when my huge breech baby C-section happened but I can attest to the fact that Pilates saved my body! I was totally out of alignment esp. sacro-iliac joints, hips etc and it's been so beneficial I've kept it up over the year. Many of the running stretches I now do are Pilates based so it has just become a part of my routine. Good luck!

Thanks slinkymalinki, that's great to know it does help! I'm really excited to start feeling strong again: recovery has been tough because I'm so unused to not feeling capable.

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Unstable hips’rus 😕. The whole connection thing once out of balance does put a fly in the ointment. Your exercises should sort you out. Epsom salts in the bath is good for the stitches. You’ll soon be good to go. You have the benefit of being reenergised now you have had a baby. Superwoman potential 💪🏃‍♀️👍🙂

Your half sounds good! Good target to aim for and will keep you busy over winter. Running wise that is. I’m sure you are quite busy enough though 😁

I was looking at a fresh HM plan yesterday but can’t start a new one just yet as i have unfinished business 😎

Good luck with Teafairy, The Return 💪🏃‍♀️👍✔️😃

Thanks miss W. am making an effort to sort the hips a bit before I engage in fly-in-ointment running. The (flipping hideous) stitches are thankfully dissolved and gone, so the Epsom salts are back to being innocent muscle soakers rather than treatment for Halloween-style seasonally appropriate gore!

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Bob Graham Round! I’ve been reading about that and the exploits of Nicky Spinks. She was doing a talk in Hathersage the other week .

Speaking of fell Runs, I am doing a little un this weekend.

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IrishprincessAmbassador in reply to misswobble

Sounds as if your hip is ok then MissW? 🙂

'Feet in the Clouds' is a lovely read and I wish I'd known about the Nicky Spinks talk, she's a bit of a goddess.

Where did you run? I'm envious!

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I’m doing the wingerworth wobble again 🙂

I’ll have a look for that book. I just started one about a young Rower who runs a mountain range from one dnc if NZ to the other 🙂

It's all about the Bob Graham round, by Richard Askwith. it's got a great forward that just says "Warning: the activities described in this book are dangerous and may result in injury or death. Don't try them. Go to a gym instead, or stay at home and watch television." 😉

Your current read sounds great. Let me know the title/author if poss? (C25k book club?!) x

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It’s a kindle book. Her name is Anna McNuff

I’ll read the Bob Graham story one. Ta 🙂

Thanks! 📚

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Dovedale Dash looks a bit of fun 😃

Yeah it does; have we just missed it? I sweated up Thorpe Cloud (walking, not running!) when the baby was a week overdue. Dovedale' beautiful.

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I think we have. Might be a blessing. I think it looks a bit full on 😃. In the same way as the Ashbourne football match

I don’t know if I’ve been up Thorpe Cloud. Looks good 🙂.

The Ashbourne football is a scary thought: I've always kept away!

Thorpe Cloud is the hill that's in front of you as you cross the stepping stones in Dovedale. It's short but ferociously steep.

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