Input needed about the core motivation

It has been brought to my attention that some think that the core positions I have choosen could be dangerous and harmful if done without proper supervision.

In my defence I have only choosen NHS moves that have a detailed explanation on how to perform them. The times have been adapted but they have been brought down rather than up. I know it is hard to read the explanations which is why I asked for a couple of days to sort this out.

While I am doing this are there any that you want modifications for or different exercises, I want to make this accessible for eveyone and really don't want to have to pull it.

Again I would urge any one who is following along to only do what is comfortable and find alternatives if you are having trouble. If you are working towards 10km you really should have some Stregnth and stretch work to go alongside and with the best will in the world I cannot make a program that will fit in with eveyone even though I have tried my best and used the most reputable source.

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  • Hi RFC. I have done these exercises daily, being sensible with numbers/timings and not doing those that may impact on my niggy knee.

    As they are on the public facing NHS website each exercise will have been considered by experts prior to publishing to ensure they are safe to complete without supervision. The mantra ‘must do good not harm’ is a requirement for all public health initiatives. Personally therefore I am assured that if I follow the instructions AND don’t be silly with number of repeats then I shouldn’t have a problem.

    As we are all adults on this forum we must each make our own decisions, therefore some people may choose not to do them for their own reasons.

    Thank you for a great initiative, it has certainly motivated me.

  • Thank you. I will be working on the other link today so that should make all the instructions clearer.

  • I've done most of these exercises over the years so they are all familiar to me and fairly standard for most able bodied bodies. Admittedly there are a few I don't do simply because I know my body and weaknesses and thus avoid anything too "twisty" for my back. That's using common sense which I hope runners at this stage have in bucketloads 🙂

    As you say, you've chosen NHS exercises which would have been researched thoroughly before being put up for public consumption. And you've made it clear in each post that we should take it easily and not push it. Nothing more you can do. We're all adults here and in the same way we decide when/where/how far/how fast to run we also have to make decisions everyday on what is good for us and what is sensible to avoid.

    You're doing a fab job. Keep it up.

  • Thank you. I myself have to do assisted planks still as my stomach muscles continue to Stregnthen.

  • I'm sticking with yoga so have no opinion on these exercises (other than thinking it is a worthy endeavour for which you deserve credit).

    But I have to point out that the NHS Choices website is not 'written by experts' in the sense of being state of the art, straight from the physios mouth etc but written by media/journalist type people (and there are good things about that) and then signed off... which is not quite the same thing.

    In my own areas of expertise, I know there is substandard stuff on there (which one is open to provide feedback on and things do in my experience sometimes get changed as a result) I have also been involved in producing health related information and know that there will be people on the team who feel strongly that something should/shouldn't be in there and also that difficult decisions have to be made on grounds of space and clarity.

    What I am sure about is that *you* don't need to apologise for it - and it would be useful to have the specific discussions here about people's concerns (as in "I feel..." rather than "You're wrong...", that would be more protective.

    I do my yoga via an online website which has worked well for me for several years now (I know my limit and stick with the sessions marked for 'all' or beginners). I bought my sister a subscription and she did her back a mischief in her first session. She prefers to do a weekly class with a teacher.

  • Thank you. You make a valid point that discussions about particular exercises that you are unsure about should be encouraged. One thing we have one here is a variety of different backgrounds and conditions that have found ways round certain exercises either On their own or with help of physios, so I definitely encourage people to talk about specific exercises and ways round problem areas. A very positive way of viewing it.

  • I agree with others who say that it is the individual person's responsibility to check if certain exercises are suitable by seeing a doctor, physio or other expert. I am finding the posts very motivating and thank you Realfoodieclub for all your hard work 😁👍

  • I agree with these comments too. The bottom line is that the individual has to use common sense and take responsibility for their own welfare whether using a website, gym or just a good old fashioned book. It's great to have such an accessible, useful resource. I've been doing several of these since I started running this year & I like to have others to choose from. If something doesn't suit, I skip it - or do a different version like the plank. Thank you Realfoodieclub - you're doing a great job!

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