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Beachy Head 10k - Wordy Report of Wordiness

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Early start for me today as despite Eastbourne not being very far to drive, I had to walk my own dog and fetch the Ferrari- sorry Brontë the pointer, and all her running gear before setting off.

It was a gorgeous morning, even in the dark while I was walking Bella Dogga, it was obvious we were going to be lucky with the weather.

I was heading to park on a road suggested to me by SunnyMummy when I realised I was seeing runners walking down the road beside me, so as the street had plenty of parking spaces free and it was indeed only just past 8:30am, I parked up, let the pup out of the boot, picked up all our clobber and followed them down the street.

Had to cross the road through the marathon runners waiting to start - they were all very good natured about it, many of them petting the dog as we went past. Found the Registration tent no problem, got my number, made sure to fill out the back, had a brief chat with a member of one of my Canicross running groups who was running dogless today, and headed off to bag drop. Bumped into SunnyMummy on the way - or more accurately heard my name being called and turned round to find her right behind me 😀 We had been messaging each other in here, but not arranged to meet up as we thought it would be a nightmare to try and find each other!

Could not find bag drop even though one of the marshalls had pointed me in the right direction. 🤦‍♀️ Finally found the bag drop - having walked the long way round to get there - dropped my bag (feeling very naughty to have the dog in a school building) and headed off for the loos. Was really glad of roseabi’s inside information as the queue for the portaloos near registration were REALLY long, and even more glad when a male runner said that the men’s loos had cubicles and no urinals and that several ladies had already nipped in there rather than queue in the ladies. \o/

This all looks like I’m kind of fixated by getting to the toilet, but there’s a reason for this. The first Canicross race I attended, myself and a running buddy missed the start as we were the last people out of the loos and had to run round a barrier and into through finish so we could turn straight around and run out the start. Which is harder than it sounds when you have 3 over excited dogs between you and everyone else is heading in the other direction!

Found the other canicrossers lurking at the back of the solo runners just as the starter announced there was 5 minutes to the start. Brontë was really good and greeted the dogs she knew very politely, and then waited patiently. It didn’t seem too long before we were on the 10 second countdown and then we were off-

Sort of...

The start at Beachy Head is very steep, and there are steps. If we’d been at the front we could have jogged up it - slowly I grant you, but we could have - as it was, we walked up the steps and then finally managed to break into a jog soon after that (managed to turn my ankle in a hole, but It was fine). Ran up the rest of the hill with a canicrosser who I didn’t know - we did introduce ourselves, but I totally forgot his name soon after he pulled ahead of me 🤦‍♀️ Got told to shorten my line by a runner who sounded like they were *nowhere* near me as I overtook people. I wouldn’t have minded so much but I was calling out that there was dog coming through and the people we *were* passing seemed to be fine about it - either thanking me for the heads up or putting their hands out for a (sneaky) dog stroke.

Once we were at the top the route was undulating in the main and views were fantastic. Spent a lot of time calling out, ‘dog on your right’ and thanking people as they made space for us (again gettingthanked for doing so). I had been worried that there might be stiles, but there weren’t. There were plenty of marshalls holding gates open though, so I gave them all a thank you as well.

Was genuinely surprised at the end of a short stretch of paved ground - the only bit on the course - I found we were at the halfway point. Having not found any puddles to drink out of, Brontë stopped for a big drink of water from the thoughtfully provided dog bowl, while I grabbed a small cupful.

Had a few chats with some of the other runners as we skirted the edge of the next field, and then we were out on the cliffs proper with The ‘classic’ view of Beachy Head itself before us.

Got to about 6k and my right calf started to twinge. Ran on to see if it would fix itself. It didn’t get worse, but it didn’t get better either. It was while I was worrying about my leg that Brontë did run across someone’s path and I had to apologise profusely. Luckily he was have me a walk break so no harm was done, he just grabbed her line and gave me a filthy look (which I deserved). Just shows what inattention can do when you’re running with a dog. Stopped briefly at 6.5k and tried to stretch it (OUCH!) Decided to keep running and only walk of it became unbearable. Soon after, a marshal announced that, ‘it’s all downhill from here!’

Short steps were the order of the day, and I will admit to feeling slightly embarrassed as Brontë and I were overtaken on the gentle downwards incline by so many other runners, but Brontë was very good about it and - after a couple of quizzical looks over her shoulder at me - adjusted her pace accordingly.

Really soon after - or so it seemed to me - another marshal was telling us, ‘only 5 minutes left’.

Managed to negotiate the steep steps down to the finish, even paused to let a couple of other runners go past us at the bottom. Then round the end of the fence and we were back on the road with the finish line ahead.

My lizard brain (hind brain?) took over. I’d had no intention of even attempting a ‘sprint’ finish - I didn’t want to cripple myself - but suddenly there I was, screaming ‘Go,Go, Go,Go Go!’ at Brontë all pain in my calf forgotten and going for it, full tilt.

Crossed the finish line. Forgot to get my medal. Had to ask the Timer Chip marshal to take my chip off as I was feeling a bit light headed (stupid slightly low blood pressure). Got hailed by roseabi who was queuing for her official time and had to tell me who she was - as again I’ve only spoken to her online 🙂. Grabbed an energy drink (I never normally drink them but it was pretty good - wish I’d taken notice of the brand!) and headed off to bag check using the short route.

Had to ask a partially clothed total stranger to pick my bag up for me, as I knew I was going to be in trouble if a bent down myself! Got the dog a drink and put her ‘after running‘ fleece coat on her. Had to sit on a handy table for a bit because I kept going light headed again.

Went over to sign up to get my calf massaged so I could drive home without crying (a tenner for 15 minutes sounded really good to me).

Felt REALLY light headed.

Told a couple of people how I felt and they suggested I sat down, to which I replied that I’d probably not be able to get up again, and promptly sat down.

Finally decided to listen to what my body was telling me and asked someone to grab me a First Aider.

Spent a fairly long time lying on the floor with my feet on a bench, and my head on some kind lady’s baggage, while Brontë was made a fuss of by the baggage drop marshals and other people, waiting for the St John’s Ambulance guys to turn up - dodgy radio reception was involved I think. I felt like a total fraud, but I’d rather have done that than actually blacked out and caused a fuss. As it was one lot of 2 SJA people were replaced by 2 more and then a few more turned upmjust for fun. Seriously, Inthink at one point there were 5 of them. I hope it was simply because there were no real emergencies elsewhere. They got me sitting on the bench, made sure I was okay otherwise, told me to take it slowly before heading off, which I duly did.

Finally managed to sign up for my calf massage, then wandered up to fetch my medal - Brontë got one too - while I was waiting.

Calf massage was wonderful, if a little painful, and while he was working we both noted that my tight spots were pretty symmetrical, which is something I suppose 😆

After all the drama, I decided I’d treat myself to a reminder of the day and buy an official hoodie. Alas the green ones were all sold out, so I had to settle for a rather lovely blue technical tee-shirt instead.

Brontë is now back with her owners. I have spent the last two or so hours sitting on my sofa icing my calf (and my slightly dodgy left Achilles’ tendon) with the tv on in the background while I composed this mammoth race report!


Weather was excellent. Really enjoyed the race. The course is great. The organisation seemed excellent. Runners are a lovely bunch of people. Marshals do a great job. First Aiders are awesome.

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Sandyscroll profile image

An absolutely brilliant report! I got a bit worried reading the bit about you continuing to run despite calf trouble and the light headedness, but I'm glad it all worked out in the end. And Brontë sounds like a fabulous running companion. Being a newbie (and not having a dog in the family) I didn't realise people run with their dogs in organised events. I think it's brilliant! My friend has a greyhound, but I don't think I'll be running with him just yet! Well done to both of you! 👏👏🏃‍♀️🐕🏅🏆

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to Sandyscroll

Oh yes. Canicross is a growing sport. There are are actual Canicross events now as well as ordinary running events that allow canicrossers.

The light headedness really is due to my slightly low blood pressure - I rarely risk bending down after exercise because of it.

Sandyscroll profile image
SandyscrollGraduate10 in reply to Maddee_6333

Good thing they arrange for SJA to be there to help. Also a good thing you followed their advice!

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to Sandyscroll

I am a big fan of the SJA, I was an SJA cadet when I was about 10 🙂

I’m a good girl I am, and always do as I am told 😏

Hidden profile image

What a great run! Well done on your debut run with Bronte. Sounds like you worked well together. Hope your calf feels better soon, a bit of celebratory rest and wine might be a good choice!

poppypug profile image

Well done Maddee and Bronte !

Great report too !

The light headiness mustve been a bit worrying. Ive often found after a race , I can become a bit disorientated and lose my bearings . I'm so glad that you got attented to.

Hope your calf and Achilles settle down , and you have no lasting effects .

Have a nice rest now, you deserve it ! :-) xxx

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to poppypug

Thank you!

I’m so used to a certain amount of light headedness after strenuous exercise that I was surprised when it lasted longer this morning. The pins and needles in my hands was rather worrying!

Achilles’ tendon will settle, I have problems with it due to spending a good few years working in wellies. It’s one of the reasons I only ever make one tiny mileage increase at a time.

SaskAlliecat profile image

Wonderful pictures to go with a great race report. Glad you and Bronte faired well (other than 1 little blip while you tended to your calf) and that you had First Aid check you out. I'm glad you got your bling, it's very pretty (yes, I have bling envy 😍). Now to rest and stretch the aches and pains away.....and a celebratory beverage of choice, of course!

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to SaskAlliecat

Thank you! Bling envy is allowed. My celebratory beverage is just about to be a mug of hot chocolate before bed 😁

Decker profile image

Congratulations on a wonderful run to both you and Bronte! The bling looks pretty sharp on Bronte too 😀. Glad all worked out well with the light-headedness and I hope your calf heals up well. I think a nice glass of wine 🍷 is good for that sort of thing 🙂

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to Decker

Thank you!

If I drank a glass of wine I really would be on the floor. A glass of scotch or mead however... 😀

Decker profile image
DeckerGraduate10 in reply to Maddee_6333

Now you’re talkin’!

JaySeeSkinny profile image

Canicross sounds like a great way of getting you and your dog some exercise - and what a great place to run! I bet you really have to concentrate the whole time though so you don't trip anybody up, I'm not sure any of the dogs I know would be quite so good. A great time and a great run!

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to JaySeeSkinny

Thank you!

I love Canicrossing SO much! I went on a (dogless) trail running course the other week and the run leaders were talking about the things we do to help pass the time when we’re training. I had to explain that thinking up something to think about (as it were) isn’t a problem when you’re behind a dog - does my dog need a pee or a poo? Is my dog going to stop suddenly? Is that a cow/sheep/rabbit up ahead going to be a problem? How do I pass this other dog walker/runner on the path as me? Oh look tree root! On top of sorting out when and where you need them to turn/go faster or slower, occupies the mind wonderfully. 🤣🤣🤣

skysue16 profile image

Love the photos and your report. Very well done on a great run, fantastic time too 🎉👍😀🐾🐶 Bronte sounds a lovely running buddy. Hope you recover quickly.

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to skysue16

Thank you! I had a lovely time. Brontë is a fabulous running buddy.

skysue16 profile image

Oh, and I love the medal too!

Anniemurph profile image

Well done! A great report, and a fab run, although a bit worrying about the light-headedness :O Super photos too, and how nice to meet up with other people from the forum :)

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to Anniemurph

Thanks! Can believe that photo of the landscape came out, I took it by blindly pointing the phone ahead of me as I ran along 😆

It was lovely to meet people from the forum 😍 even if only briefly.

benwill profile image

A great report and glad it all worked out for you and your feeling better. Love your photos and glad you met up with the infamous roseabi .

It was such a perfect day for running.

roseabi profile image
roseabiAdministrator in reply to benwill

Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!! :D

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to roseabi

Infamy indeed! You lovely person you 😍

benwill profile image
benwillGraduate10 in reply to Maddee_6333

My take on the day :)

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to benwill


The dizziness thing really was some kind of post run low blood pressure thing and I felt much better after getting some salty crisps in me along with the energy drink I consumed at the finish.

Calves are a bit tight this morning but I just managed a tiny 2k jog with the beagle and am now RICE-ing again.

roseabi profile image

Well, I read all of it! Great report, and impressive to get it posted so quickly (I'm still pondering mine)!

Sorry to hear about the pains and wooziness, but well done for a brilliant run. I think it may actually be almost impossible (injuries aside) not to sprint for that finish! The atmosphere was fantastic, and I don't think we could have had better weather :)

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to roseabi

I look forward to reading yours. It will probably be a lot more coherent than mine 😀 I thought I’d better get it down quick before I forgot, and as I was having to ice my leg I had plenty of time 😉.

The wooziness was a big surprise, I felt totally fine while running (apart from the calf).

What a fabulous race report. Really enjoyed reading it and hearing about the trials and (more importantly) tribulations of your run. Bronte sounds lovely. I hope all is in good order today :)

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to helenwheels

The tribulations are what make it not boring 😀. Little bit tight in the calves, but I had a warm bath, then foam rollered, and then took my daughter’s beagle for a very gentle 2k in the woods with some of my Canicross buddies. Before I went I was worried that I’d end up only being able to walk her, but actually once I got moving I was fine. Back home and putting my feet up now 😏

ju-ju- profile image

Well done 😎

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

Thank you! 😍

Wonderful run report, and I'm glad you eventually listened to your body. Better to sit down gracefully than to keel over. I hope you've had a good rest and something nice to celebrate with. 🍾 🍰

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to Razouski

I told the First Aiders that I’d rather feel a bit of a fraud than fall down and cause chaos (as I had no-one with me and someone else’s dog to boot 😮)

I had a really excellent hot chocolate last night, I’m sure that counts 😀

Oldfloss profile image

Gosh.. what a run and what a great report...You did brilliantly and coping with the calf run and the aftermath with the BP... It all turned out well and you obviously enjoyed did the dog:)

Hope all is well now :)

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

Still a bit tight in the calf, but had a bath and foam rolled before doing the world’s most gentle 2k ‘recovery’ run with my Canicross buddies this morning.

Think I’ll treat myself to a Sports Massage at some point in the near future as the the one I had yesterday at the race was so helpful. 👍

roseabi profile image
roseabiAdministrator in reply to Maddee_6333

I recommend the sports massage at the University of Sussex, up near the AMEX stadium. Louisa is a very nice young woman, very easy to chat to. She did a good number on my hamstring and gave me some useful advice about stretching and foam rolling. Also she didn't push me to book more appointments, and charges £18 for half an hour which is pretty reasonable I think :)

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to roseabi

That really does sound reasonable. Thanks.

Sandraj39 profile image

Fantastic report and photos Maddee! Really well done to you and Brontë 🐶on your run - so inspiring! This is a 10k I would love to do - it sounds amazing! Really hope that your calf settles soon..but you did it and have the medal to prove it!🥇😀👍

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to Sandraj39

Thank you!

You really should do it - the views alone are worth it. And you can already register for next year’s event 😈

I’m still a bit tight today, but I am working on it.

aliboo70 profile image

Glad you're ok, sounds like quite an adventure! well done on completion and glad you're feeling better now!

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to aliboo70

It was a wonderful adventure. Think I may sign up to next year’s as soon as pay day gets here.

Tomas profile image

Sounds wonderful, apart from the light headedness, that must be a bit of a worry, and shame about the calf - hope it settles. But otherwise - fantastically well done to you and Bronte!

Maddee_6333 profile image
Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to Tomas

Thank you! The calf is settling - I just did some more gentle stretching when I got back from walking the dogs - it does seem to be helping.

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