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Bridge to 10K
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Getting there

So it's just a couple of weeks until MY big race. 10K in Edinburgh. This is my marathon for this stage in my running.

So I woke up and got ready to run. Decided that I may need that running hat that I'd bought back in the summer, as it was looking very cold. 30 minutes of looking and I found it, put it on and thought nah!

Stepped out the door and a few rain drops hit me, no big deal it's October after all.

Got about 1k into my run and it's heavy rain and I'm still a bit cold at this point, should I just go home? hmmm, I'll give it a few more minutes.

About 500m later my music died, is someone trying to tell me something? I keep going listening to the soundtrack of my steps and breathing.

The rain stopped.

I keep going along my usual route, I'm doing an easy run, at the top end I feel good. Another decision, do I go right and finish my easy run or go left and swop to a long run. I go left. At 4K I've never felt this good. A bus passes me. I continue back into town about another 2k. I see the same bus again, this really picks me up. I got to the town the same time as those sitting on the bus.

I keep plodding on. Eventually I make it to the 9k point. Could I have made 10K? Yes but I didn't want to push myself too much and risk injury so close to my race.

I was really pleased with myself. I went a whole kilometre further than I'd managed before despite all my silly issues.

I started the C25K on 7th June, what a journey and definitely one of my best decisions I've ever made. I love the mental battle of each run, I've lost a few battles but I'm winning MY war.

Keep running, keep fighting, keep smiling!

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What an inspiring post Malc! My 10k is this Sunday. I'll think of you when the gremlins try to derail me.

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Best of luck for Sunday! You'll do yourself proud. Please let me know how you got on.


That is really great to hear! You are clearly race-ready, and I'm sure you'll do great in Edinburgh.

I love your final thought about the mental battles and the importance of winning the war. Very well put!


Oooh good luck and enjoy it. Don't forget we need to see the bling πŸŽ–πŸŽ–πŸŽ–

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That is great! I love that you got to town at the same time as the people on the bus! Ha! Well done too for not over-doing it.

Looking forward to your race report and of course the photo of the all-important bling :)

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Great post Malc. And great run too. Best of luck on your 10k. I have one coming up in a couple of weeks too.

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