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Runnus Interruptus

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I am a C210K forum lurker who greatly enjoys the fantastic writing and inspiration on the HU boards!

Today I'm moving from lurker to poster with the following question--what do you do when your run is unavoidably interrupted? I am trying to complete C210K. I'm on WK11R1. Today, as I was having a fantastic run after several crap runs, I got a phone call from my son. The first time he called, I just ignored it, but when he called again a few minutes later (and he RARELY calls me in the normal course), I figured something was up so I took the call mid-run. Turns out he dislocated his shoulder and needed to know what to do. So I stopped running, and walked the rest of the way home.

My run was about 2/3 of the way done. When that happens, do you call it a day? Try to finish the run later in the day? Re-do the full run the next time out?

Thanks for any thoughts!!

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Re do it next time 🙂

I turn my phone off. If i run with it at all 🙂

I hope your lad is all right !

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Oh dear! I'm glad you're posting, I'm glad you were having a fantastic run after several crappy runs, and oh dear oh dear about your son! I hope he recovers soon.

Regarding your run, redo from start. No run is a bad run so it isn't wasted. I hope it's as good next time and that you can finish it :)

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LM12 in reply to Anniemurph

Thanks very much, Anniemurph! The boy is now out of the hospital and back in his home with his arm in the sling.

The crap runs were crap because it has been very humid here in New York City. Today was much cooler and drier, plus, I decided, starting today, to not start my runs before it gets a least a little light out because running in the dark meant i was having to slow down to avoid sidewalk cracks and other devious things designed to make me trip. So today I went out a bit later so I had little light, and a cool, dry breeze and was cruising along nicely when that call came.

Agreed, I will do the run again, but will add it to my normal three runs a week (i.e. today's run was nice but didn't "count."

Thanks again!

Glad your boy is ok and at least you got to enjoy the run you did. If you are running in darkness have you thought about getting a head or chest torch? They do make things easier and there are plenty of options on line. If you decide to get a head torch make sure it has a strap going over the head as well as around it, that stops it slipping down. Chest torches have really gained in popularity recently.

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LM12 in reply to AnnieW55

Thanks, AnnieW55!!

I do have a headlamp but I never tried running with it because it seems like it would slip. The chest torch sounds intriguing. I will check it out!!

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skysue16Graduate10 in reply to LM12

Chest lights are good! Glad your lad is OK, lucky really that you answered his call. I agree with others about redoing the run 😊

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