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Hi 👋 here’s my chat to you all

I’m so glad for both forums as yesterday I was putting off doing a run / that’s until I started reading all the motivational posts. So I got my trainers on and put Molly’s lead on till we got to the fields.

I have been doing consolidation runs until now but decided to find pod casts on the website. This is the first time I have listened to Laura and although I wasn’t able to keep running through the whole 30 minutes - I did it listening to Laura’s voice reminding me to keep to a pace.

The fields were very wet and I splashed through parts of the football pitches but kept going - then the driving rain set in and I still kept going.

On the cool down walk Molly and I paused to watch a girls football match on one of the fields then we passed a young family riding their bikes in the pouring rain. It felt great to be out there.

I’m now looking forward to tomorrow when I will repeat and try to keep going for longer!

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Hi Catherinel, so pleased that you took a run with Laura and enjoyed it. The tips she gives on c25k + are really useful I found. Well done for braving the rain, it does keep you cool though doesn't it.

Happy running.😊x

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Aw thanks Jan! It was a little difficult to work out where to find the podcasts as I’m used to just tapping the C25K app on my phone. I’m going to try another run again tomorrow. 😊🏃🏼‍♀️Happy running to you too 😊.

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Well done Catherine so pleased to read that .

Think I will have to try those podcasts too progress since graduation is definitely slow!

We will get there 👍


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Hi yes they are different and Laura seems to push you more than the C25K one. Let’s keep going and see where we end up. You never know - one day we might reach 10K! 🏃🏼‍♀️😊🏃🏼‍♀️😊x


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