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Anyone else had Capsulitis?

Not been able to run now for over 5 weeks due to pain in one of my feet. It started during a run 5 weeks ago when the 2nd toe on my right foot started to hurt. It soon ramped up to excruciating and I thought I must have broken it! Anyway, to cut a long story short, I've been to the doctor and consulted a podiatrist. He says I have Capsulitis and has made me some temporary insoles to try in my trainers. He said to wear my trainers all the time to get the benefit and to ease back into running with 30 minute sessions of 3 mins walk/ 1 min slow run every other day. I've tried this but it's still pretty painful. It's getting me down now as I can't see any end in sight yet and all my running fitness is ebbing away😞 (I was up to comfortably running for 8 miles).

Has anyone else had this and got any advice or cheery words? Thanks x

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Just me then πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚


Only just seen this. I had capsulitis of the hip which had to be mobilised very carefully in order not to exacerbate the inflammation. Once the inflammation went the physio who was treating me gave me one very specific exercise which I did several times a day. It worked and I can now run for up to 45 mins. I gather that capsulitis of the second toe is much more common: foothealthfacts.org/conditi... . I am afraid I don't have much more to offer except anything with 'Itis' is inflammation and therefore has to be treated carefully and patiently but it seems the body can move past it and then take on more exercise and increase mobility. I wonder if you're moving on too quickly?? Good luck with it. Sounds painful but curable over time. Would swimming be a good alternative? πŸ˜–

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Thanks for your reply 😊 I also wondered if I was trying to move on too quickly so I've not attempted any running this week. I've continued to wear my trainers all the time and it has started to feel a bit easier. Unfortunately I can't swim but I have got a bike which I'm going to have a go on this weekend.

I'm glad to hear that you have recovered and are running again. I am determined to get back and I know I've just got to be patient 😬


Hard work being patient but it sounds as though you have the right strategy. I started treatment +4 years ago - but not with such a clear goal and have rather meandered to what seems like a bit of a miracle! πŸ˜€

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