Running abroad

Running abroad

We've moved to another part of Portugal for the last few days and our hotel has set up tracks in the woods for runners. Very generous of them. So I was out at 8 am this morning before it got too hot, trotting up and down hills and steep tracks. Just me, nobody else braved the hills. Runkeeper told me this was my hilliest run ever (nothing in comparison to you lot) and Garmin told me I will recover in time to go out with my friend tomorrow. He won't like the hills though. So it will be a really slow 30 mins.

I must admit I quite enjoy streaking at the moment!

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  • Wow, that's very cconvenient.

  • Sounds brilliant. Keep on keeping on with the running :)

  • You little streaker you! Looks wonderful.. I am envious!

    But off to the Coast tomorrow.. so change of route for me too... enjoy the last few days of your hols... that has gone quickly hasn't it ? Show that friend just who you are !!!!

    Beautiful x

  • Enjoy the coast floss. The perfect place to be in this heat ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • That was good of the hotel. I once stayed in a hotel where every morning in their reception they set up a table with chilled bottles of water and a note saying "welcome back runners". I know this because I was just back from a run ๐Ÿ™‚

  • That sounds blissful - and hopefully with these trails there's less of a chance you'll get lost :) your friend may indeed struggle with those hills too. All working out perfectly in your favour :)

  • We got lost in the car last night and we all opted out of our sporty activities this morning. So broke my running streak (which is fine - don't want to overdo it). Tomorrow I'm definitely out again though!

  • Oh no! Getting lost seems to be a theme :) You'll be itching to get out again by tomorrow. Enjoy your well deserved rest day today :)

  • Well not really lost. The satnav was guiding us, but she took us along some VERY dodgy roads, and we had visions of being dumped in the middle of nowhere.

  • Ah I see not lost... a satnav 'adventure' :)

  • Yep, the tarmacked road turned into a dirt track along the edge of a river. Just room for the car, really rutted so our driver had to do a bit of manoeuvering, we saw us all going over into the river on one side or the ditch on the other. Until I suddenly realised this was a track I had scouted on google maps for a run! I could at least reassure everyone that we weren't far from home, but couldn't make any statements on whether we would actually get off the track with the car!

  • There are roads like that in Cornwall with a sheer drop into the sea on one side and massive overgrown hedges on the other. And then in the distance you see headlights coming the other way... I can totally picture it.

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