How do Canadians and Scandinavians manage?

Tough run today. It snowed all night and was still snowing this morning when I decided I had to go out after opting out yesterday when the thermometer told me it was minus 11 C. Today was only minus 3. Everything snowy and beautiful. Really deep, only a few tracks from dog walkers. Boy was it tough! I opted for the pavements on the way back and was very grateful to those good citizens who had at least carved some kind of track in front of their houses for poor little joggers like me. But exhilarating. Will walk with hubby this afternoon.

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  • Running in snow... on my wish list. Sounds heavenly. Tough but heavenly :)

  • It's a bit like running on a sandy beach. You have to really watch out to stay on track though. And it really is hard work!

  • Same here - haven't seen any real snow since we left Eastern France in 2010. In this region (Hรฉrault) they all go into melt-down if a tiny snowflake falls.

  • Sounds like I need to start up a winter running tourism business if it's actually a bucket list item. You guys don't get snow??

  • Oh, well done for that...and glad you came back safe!๐Ÿ™‚

  • Canadians and Scandinavions ..Ski's or snowshoes maybe..๐Ÿ˜Š

    Seriously, double brownie points for running in snow jaysee...that sounds really tough.

    Go careful, it may be icy. xxx

  • I also ran in snow yesterday in the early morning. In many places my footsteps were the first. It was still half dark when I left the house, and the streets were deserted. Everything was magically quiet because of the snow except for the squeaking of my steps.

    I live in Scandinavia, but yesterday was my first snow run.

  • I know what you mean! I find it very tiring though. Just come back from a 2 hour walk with hubby (11.5 k) and we're both absolutely knackered!

    By the way I was thinking of you when I wrote "Scandinavians"! Glad you've got snow now - at least it's not icey when there's snow on the ground.

  • Running in snow sounds really great... apart from the hard work bit, and the cold. I ran one slightly frosty morning and thoroughly enjoyed it, though the temperature could only have been about 0 C. I think I'd stay indoors if it was minus 11C!

  • As my friend put it in my first year running - if you don't go out and run in the snow, ice and subzero temperatures, you're not running from October to March. And I can't have that...

  • Also something that is on my wishlist. I have never even been out when snow is falling - and have only ever been to the snow once in my life. It sounds amazing though, and I would love to one day take my dog to the snow too - I think she would love it! Unfortunately there is nowhere within at least 3000km of where I live that snows regularly :(

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