A run with Sammi😊

A run with Sammi😊

Went out today with Sammi and Wk1 B210k and really enjoyed it. The first song is so upbeat I started a bit fast according to the Strava recording, but overall a bit slower than last year as the walk breaks didn't quite come at the perfect places. I tweaked this a bit by stopping the podcast while I walked up the long steep hill, but then ran through the last walk break and added a bit on at the end.

I think I will go out with Laura for my other runs this week and still consolidating my 30 mins.

I took a piccy of the exotic animals on my run through the college today.

Happy running everyone 😊

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  • That reminds me of how I used to "cheat" when I did C25K - I used to run up towards a steep bit, then turn back round and run for a little bit more, then turn back to the steep hill in the hope I'd timed it right and had got to a walking break for actually getting up it! ;)

    Mixing up consolidation with Laura with a challenge to extend you running time/distance is no bad thing. Hope you enjoy doing both :)

  • Well done! Sami is tough so go really steadily 🙂 The music is great. I love Chepa Trick, Surrender 😃

  • Running for the fun of it is just great! And the music on those podcasts is very motivating. Glad you're back out there and enjoying it.

    I had a nice little half hour toddle this morning with a friend who is just starting running. He puffs and pants a bit and I keep thinking "when did 30 minutes become easy? When did I become able to accompany a man who is 16 years younger than me and become his personal trainer?".

    At the moment I'm loving it!

  • That sounds so cool!! A personal trainer.. to a younger man wow!!!! Go you!!!! xxx

  • Well done you... exciting things you see on your run!!! it is fun to play around with our runs isn't it :) I enjoyed Sammi :)

  • Hi, do you still have a link to the Sami Murphy bridge210k podcasts anywhere? Lots of people have recommended it but AndyD's original link doesn't seem to work any more. Many thanks!

  • I messaged Poppypug ages ago and she gave me the link.

    I don't know how to share links but if you click on my name and look for the post 'goodbye Laura ,hello Samantha' and look down the thread to one from Poppy the link is on there too.

    Sorry I can't help more than this. Otherwise why not message Davelinks ane ask him to repost.

    Good luck..hope you find it.x

  • Thanks Jan-now-runs, I'll do that. I found the link you pointed me to but couldn't get it to work, so I'll ask him to repost as you suggest. Thanks again.

  • Good luck. I think these links work better using a PC rather than a phone.

  • You were completely right- tried the link in my laptop and it worked fine. Many thanks again!

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