Happy Old Snail…

Happy Old Snail…

Inspired by our super davelinks … I successfully completed my first Virtual Run for Charity this morning. This run was for the same charity as Dave’s run :)

This 10K was the last run of my 10K revisited programme, and although I initially wanted to see if it had made any difference to my pace, style, effort levels etc, I determined to just complete it comfortably and without pressure. Time wise, slowish and no PB, but I did run it comfortably and with no massive effort, and enjoyed it enormously.

I have accepted that I am never going to be up there with the good and the great, those amazing and inspirational friends I have here, but that won’t stop me running my own funny path.

One or two tactical errors though;

I could not run on my fields and tracks as they are waterlogged, mud- bound or snarled up with long, long grass and killer buttercups! So a new route planned, which I sussed out in the car yesterday, unfortunately, one section, where I could not go with the car, was where I got a bit lost! Also, not taking a leaf out of my own book, I did start a tad too quickly; I think I was over excited.

I realised this and pulled back, as I really wanted to complete this in one go, for the Charity concerned. Adopted a fairly slow and steady pace throughout, (what a surprise:)), with a couple of very slow laps. The last tactical error was finishing with two hills, (not overly steep, but steep enough). I did however manage a Laura type, ‘finish in style’ at the end and found it great fun.

The jumping for joy? Simply because I was just so delighted that I had done a run for a purpose, not just for myself; grateful that I have the health and strength to do this, and also, that I still had enough energy to jump at the end of the run :)


Grateful also for lovely husband who got up, to take me to the start of my run :)


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37 Replies

  • PPPs

    Thanks poppypug ...my new Garmin works brilliantly :)

  • Wow !!! Look at you , you look AMAZING !!!

    Really Well done to you Floss, you ROCK ! :-) xxx

    And I'm so pleased youre happy with the Garmin xxx

  • It was you who gave me the heads up for it :) Thanks x

    I couldn't resist... husband had his camera... I just thought.. what the heck!

  • I love your outfit too ! The leggings especially , very snazzy ! :-) xxx

  • I have some even snazzier :) These are my first funky pair... and my favourites:)

  • Woo hoo! Well done!

    I'm loving these virtual runs - they are such a brilliant incentive :)

  • Terrific fun:)

  • Well done floss, gad you enjoyed it.

  • I did... I don't think I will ever be a race person in real life, much too much of a lone runner, but I shall do more of these Virtual runs :)

  • Just replied to you on the "other side". You look fabulous and well done on your virtual run xx

  • I love the idea of 'the other side'... thanks x

  • 🥇🐌🏆

  • Tee hee x

  • Love this post Floss, love the photo, love the success, love the delight!

    You are most definitely up there with the great and the good my friend. You are a long distance runner, with great style too according to the outfit.

    So glad too that you enjoyed your virtual event, dont forget we will need to see the bling xxx

  • Thanks you... I just wish some of the friends on here were a bit closer... so we could run together :)

    I love my outfit, the first, ( of many, though all at sale price:)) I ever got ...!

    I enjoyed the excitement, even though it was me running alone... :) I am doing the one in August too as you know, and think it may become a regular feature of my runs.. I forgot there was bling!!! I know my result has been approved and looking the results, my time was not tooooo shabby..:) Bonus :)

  • Well done you have given me an incentive to look at virtual runs like you I prefer my own company when I am out.

  • Well... having done 5 and 10K runs, there was no problem there, and you can choose your own day and location ... you go at your own pace.. ( and I was quite pleased with my time:)) It is a bit of extra motivation too:)

    I would have preferred my fields but that can be for next time.. there is one in August for Kidney research.. quite a few of us are doing that...


    it would be fun to have a group of us running:)

  • I shall have a look I had a look earlier and some of the virtual's are for very good causes some like the Poppy Appeal are close to my own heart.

  • Loads of us are going to be doing that one.. i think Jacs-W w was going to flag it up too :) x

  • Ive been in touch withRBL. Details of virtual run not yet launched 👍🏼😀

  • Thanks youx

  • Wow! Look at you! Well done floss! Nice utility belt by the way Batgirl!😁X

    Btw, nice new garmin.. little tip when locating sats, start it to locate sats as soon as you get out of the door, stand stationery and point it at the sky away from trees, and wait for it to lock on or start to walk with it pointing at the sky, again make sure your not under any trees or right near any buildings..😊

  • Holy speedsters... Robin!!!

    Thanks for that Dave xxx The one I have now is really great... locates really speedily..It is the one that poppypug flagged up when it it was on sale...:)

    I gave my old one to husband, he is now using it for his walks..:) That one, I could do my warm up walk and then some before it located anything :)

  • Congratulations, a brilliant achievement!

    Great photo..... you look more like a teenager !


  • I am loving that..thank you very much indeed.. I had a lot of fun yesterday.

    Not sure if my 10K revisited plan has aided my speed at all... but will do another one and check that out at some point:) certainly my style has improved and I found it so much easier than previous runs

    I often behave as if I really was a teenager... I have lots of energy, laugh a heck of a lot, but don't tend to have any strops, boyfriend or girlfriend issues, arguments with folk or spots:) Win win !

  • Sounds good!

    The thing is you are my virtual running buddy. This lovely older lady full of words of wisdom such as , sloooow down 😂

    I'm now going to have to change my image of you to more of a cool young girl , mind you the advice won't change!


  • Unfortunately...not young... but I think I am still pretty cool. My daughter says, I rock!!!

    I am honoured to be your running buddy, thank you x

  • Great race report - and I'm also curious about these virtual runs. But where were those virtual course marshalls when you almost got lost halfway through! - Maybe give it another go in a couple of weeks starting off a little slower and knowing the middle bit of the route a bit better this time. Or on your more usual route if waterlogging subsides and killer buttercups are trimmed... Might see more of an effect from the revisiting 10k plan if you can iron out those small blips - get a true idea of your improvements? Which I bet are significant, despite your modest assertions! Great to see you too. Nice and bright :)

  • I think you could be right.. I am going to do a proper, on my own territory, run to check everything out. I think I was a bit too early for the virtual wardens. I was glad I gave the fields a miss...Little Mum was out for a gentle jogette whilst dad walked with small one.. and she had to abandon her outing.. too soggy!

    I know that the plan has improved my stamina and my style... I think, I may be doing okay, and just really having fun in the process:)

  • Yay well done floss! and what a jazzy outfit! and what a jump! :)

    Glad you earned your virtual medal in style and that your new garmin behaved! (i used poppy's link too to get one for Paul for his 50th ! ) Sounds like that 10k plan has worked its magic :)

  • Hi you!!!

    Yes..it was fun... need to check how successful my plan has been on a regular known route :) the Garmin is brilliant...hope Paul likes his:)

    I just wish, we were all closer so that I could try a few runs with friends xxxxxx

    I love my favourite grey snail outfit :)

  • Its very bright! you must be well known round your village! :) what make are they! i feel you are more outgoing than me in the leggings department, though i do have a few pairs of wacky socks! these would suit you!! in a nice way :)


    Are you coming down "South" any time?? :)

  • Ali... I wish we could .. we are talking about a visit to the IOW... now we have sold the tin tent... we have friends who live there too!

    I would love to do a ... err... short run with you... you would leave me standing!!!!

    Yep.. the folks know me...in fact a very.... cute? ...( is that politically correct?) , but much younger chap than me stopped me and said.. I have seen you running... ( he was a runner too! ) The high school children are used to me too... strange running lady in weird leggings:) Reebok... all sale items :)

    The socks look wonderful!

    I am hoping we may all get together for the London Mile as and when ? xxx

  • It would be lovely to see you! the London mile is not on til 2018 now i think :(

    You're not a slow grey snail i think we would be evenly matched ! And you come come to our parkrun too!!

    ooh......conversing with cute men eh!!?? :) and why not!!

  • He was very pleasant... a runner too. He had a son who was waning to run and he was very interesting to talk to... :) I did however get very wet as it was raining when we had the conversation!

    I am not as slow as I think I am.. not for my age..but I think stamina is my strength... my son in law says he would he fast but I would just keep going ...! I would really love to do a park run with you.. who knows... it may happen :)

    Yes... a while to wait until the next London Mile !

  • Just seen your fab photo! Love you leggings ! Your post was really interesting and once again Oldfloss an inspiration to us all👏👍

    Tomorrow I'm going for the 7km.i think if I get out early when it's cooler,stick to my usual route rather than go off piste so to speak hopefully my target will be possible! 😀

    Anyhoo once again brilliant !😀😀

  • My funky ones... my favourite :) Thanksxx

    You will get there.. I promise you....get out early and enjoy it )

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