Charity 10k in the sun ... flippin' sun!!!

Well ... not one to complain about the weather ... good weather that is ... before I started running in November 2015, it seems that today, with the glorious rays belting down and an 11am start for a 10k Race For Life ... that I am selfishly wishing for overcast skies and a good old fashioned bit of drizzle! Going to be a warm one I fear so now need to rummage in the bathroom cupboards, find some long abandoned sunscreen and pray that I don't end up with a Rudolph nose ... oh, and also that I make it round the 'moderately challenging' (!!!) woodland, path and grass course without passing my sell by date!!! Think of the money raised, think of the money raised ... !!! ;-)

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  • Good luck and enjoy! ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ Happy running

  • Hope it went well. Great cause :-)

  • Well ... I did it, it was hideously hot and more cross country than we were expecting! Lots of sheep poo, reindeer poo, tracks and bunny holes to fall down plus just over 2k in to the run, somebody (Mother Nature I think) decided to put one of the steepest inclines I've seen that looked anything but Stairway to Heaven ... went on for nearly half a km so that nearly killed me and a few others off however ... didn't stop, kept going and although wanted to lie down in a bush at 7.5 and stay there, 10k was completed ... lesson learned ... beware of freakishly warm weather in June ... it's supposed to be with us but when it rarely is you don't factor it in!!! Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement :-)

  • Did you manage okay? Did the woodland provide at least a bit of shade??

  • Weeell ... I managed ... just ... didn't stop but yep it was too hot, not much shade and far too many bunny holes to fall down!!! Goal achieved though despite wanting to lie down at 7.5k!!! ;-:

  • Kudos for not giving up! Very well done. Hope you feel very proud ๐Ÿ˜€

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