Enforced tapering!

I am in my last week before 10k event and I have the kids stinking cold. I am shattered, running a temperature, runny nose, squelchy ears and a right royal headache. I am on an odd schedule this week with a fast 6 mile on Monday, fast 3 mile on Wednesday and a 3 mile jog on Friday with event on sunday. I am thinking that I will skip Mondays run and do an easy 3-5 mile (depending on how I feel) on Thursday and leave it until Sundays event. What a frustration. Let's hope this clears quickly and I don't get anything else!

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  • You'll be fine. Take it easy this week if you're feeling grotty. You may even be stronger on Sunday because of your enforced rest!

  • I like the idea of feeling stronger with rest lol. Let's hope I feel human by then anyway! Such bad timing, pesky kids.

  • I read somewhere that if you can run 5k then you can run 10k. In fact I heard one coach say that everyone can do double what they've already done with the right mindset. You have been training so well, you'll smash it! And you're a speedy young lady!

  • Ooh I hope that's true! I would like to be a speedy young thing but I do feel all of my 44 young years. I should have done this when I was much younger and had less on my plate lol. Thank you for your encouraging words, they are very wise.

  • I promise you, a rest will do you good! Since I started running I have run 3 (sometimes 4) times a week, every week, except once when I was injured for 10 days, and once when I was in Sri Lanka (too hot to run) for 2 weeks. After both breaks I felt better and ran faster than before the break. You'll be great!

  • Oh I so hope so. I have been trying hard to follow the plan so to be ill this week is frustrating! I will be resting my legs that's for sure. Not long to go, eek! At least the forecast looks cooler.

  • As I think I told you, many of my PBs have come after a week or so of non running. You can do the distance and have trained well, don't push it if unwell.

  • Agreed, I am resigned to an easy week with no pressure or expectations. If i am feeling better on Thursday I will take it easy on a shorter distance. I have no high expectations for Sunday, just getting round in my previous training times would be an achievement for a first event! Some well earned bling would be super.

  • Gonna be fine.... rest up.... take it easy. I feel sure that by Thursday you will be feeling stronger.

    We do amaze ourselves really don't we... ?

    I know when I got out after being on the IC for a week, I thought I would just manage a quick hobble..but the training and the steady build up of running stamina counts... and it will with you. :)

    Pesky little , wonderful children!

    If they are not tweaking your back, ( my small granddaughter) they are giving you colds!!!

    Gotta' love them :) x

  • I guess this week will show how training has gone, eek. The kids have had the snots for two weeks and I thought I had got away with it.....oh well it is what it is!

  • Oh nooooo! Sounds like a good plan - you've done the training, if you can't run between now and then you will still be fine.

  • I hope I will be fit to run by Sunday. Feeling a bit achy in the joints now so no running for me for a few days.

  • Hot Ribena and paracetamol!

  • I have done the paracetamol, cold nasal spray and vicks on my chest. Fancied a hot toddy which I may resort to tomorrow. Sleep is going to be rubbish especially with a music festival pounding away up the road! Oh the joys. I sound like an old woman.

  • Sorry youre not well , hope you feel better soon xxx

    Someone once recommended to me , a small miniature bottle of Navy Rum , blackcurrant , slice of lemon and topped up with lemonade and warmed in the microwave.

    It really " sweats " it out of you plus you sleep like a baby.

    A couple of them and youre past caring .Ha ha :-D xxx

  • Haha I might have to resort to that. I knew having Ribena loving kids would come in handy someday!

  • I reckon you'll smash it! You've run nearly 10k in training! if you can get to 7k your good for 10, you'll be good..

  • Yes I have been running 6 miles or 10k in the last few weeks. It has been a slog in the heat with many gremlins weighing me down. I just hope I feel ok by Sunday as I have no energy at the moment.

  • Have you been overtraining a bit? Before my race I didn't work to any real routine, I'm not that dedicated, I got to got to 7-8k max a week before then tapered.. I ran all the way in my 10k race albeit slowly..

  • I worked on the asics plan for 10k based on my 5k pb time. I was running twice a week on the plan and adding a park run every other week. Does that sound like over training? I am working on the days I don't run but I don't do any other stuff like gym, swimming etc. I do get bugs from the kids from time to time but that's the joy of having three germ infested little people in the house!

  • Sorry you are unwell H. But you have put many miles into those super duper running legs of yours already. That training is in the bag for this race so further tapering wont be a problem Im sure.

    Your plan seems to be quiite a tough one. Personally I know I cant run several long runs consecutively (for me that ia anything over 5K). So i would have cut one of those runs out anyway.

    I think you will have a great race! Try an easy run on Thursday if you are fit, if not an even shorter easy run on Friday and save your real energy for that fast finish you want on Sunday!

    Good luck!

  • The plan did seem a bit tough for the last week, quite a few miles. I always thought I would do an easy 6 miles Monday and a 3-5 mile on Thursday but I may do nothing at all! Not a chance of running tomorrow. I think I need some Lucozade and vitamins with rest.

  • Sounds a good plan and I agree with the others. The rest is what your body is asking for so you'll be on fine form next Sunday. I predict it as I've looked at the tea leaves ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Oh noooooo! Rest up this week, just do an easy run. You've done the training. You'll be fine for your event, honest!

  • Thank you, I feel absolutely shattered at the moment but hopefully a few days will make all the difference. At this rate I would have to run with a whole box of tissues in my shorts as my nose is a tap!

  • Sorry you're not well Doyle, that sucks. But don't worry about the runs this week, you've done all the training so if you get out once or twice everything will be fine. Hope the cold clears quickly!

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