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C25k+ advise please

I've just downloaded the 6 C25k+ podcasts to give them a go and eventually get myself to 10k distance. Are there actually only 3 podcasts Stepping Stone, Speed and stamina but each has a version with/without an intro?

Also how often should I do them? Is it like C25k - 3 times per week? Or do I just make one of my 3 runs per week a C25k+ and use my other 2 runs to build up distance?

Thanks for the help!

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There are three podcasts to my knowledge, Stepping Stones, Stamina and Speed. just did them with the intro 🙂 They are a bit weird but in a good way. The mixed tempo is good for leg building. The music is the same practically as C25k, and it's voiced over by Laura so it's familiar territory

You could just do one a week if you wish 🙂


Yes, 3 podcasts, each with and without an intro - which is Laura telling you what you're going to do in the run. Highly advisable to listen to that the first few times you do a run otherwise I can't imagine the shock of doing the speed podcast without realising what you were letting yourself in for! (The clue is in the title, but even so...)

Anyway, they are all great in their own way. Stepping stones seems to be the least favourite, but for some people it really is a good stepping stone from C25K W9. Others find the beat on that one just too hard to stick with (too slow for most). I'd start with Stepping Stones though. The others do exactly what their titles suggest. As you have realised, they are not in themselves going to build up distance.

Once you've done a bit of consolidation, I'd actually suggest Stepping Stones or Stamina once a week, Speed once a week and then extend your 3rd run a little every week, and do this run slowly. That gives a good mix.


Great. That's what I needed to know. I've not been as constant as I would have liked but I can do a 5k run in just over 30 mins, so I've kind of done the consolidation thing (I've actually done 2 longer runs), so I think I can go straight to Stepping Stones and on from there. Thanks again.


Sounds like a good plan!


I tried each of the three for week's three runs, one week Stepping Stones, one week Stamina.. etc.... to see which I found misswobble says, great for building up all sorts... I still use Stamina and Speed :)

Mixing and matching your runs is good.. I often do a short, fast.. ( I use the term loosely), and then a 5K and then a longer, usually Sunday run :) ...a bit different currently as am doing a 10K revisited plan..but am using Stamina within a few of the runs for that to give me distance :)

Good luck and keep posting :)


Thank you, will let you know...when it's cooler and a run becomes an option again!

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You will probably find Stepping stones rather slow (if you run 5k in just over 30 mins). I find it works quite well if I start the run at the bottom of a hill! I like 'speed' and I try to push myself in the faster bits. Stamina is good for longer runs, I just continue running when the podcast ends.

Best of luck, let us know how you get on.


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