Heavy rain, walking boots and dog attached = interesting run!

Heavy rain, walking boots and dog attached = interesting run!

Since my last post several weeks ago the B&B has been very busy and I have struggled to fit in regular runs and those I have done were little jogs or a short interval session. Yesterday I was determined to try running with the dog attached to me using my climbing harness (thanks to Maddee_6333 for inspiring and advising me 😊). I put my gear on got the dog ready but then it began to really throw it down! So running gear off, walking stuff on including waterproofs and heavy walking boots, even the dog needed his coat!! I still took the harness and long lead to test it out, just walking. But once in the forest despite all the wrong clothes and heavy inflexible boots I just had to run! Running 'hands free' was brilliant, so much easier to balance. The dog was really good and trotted out ahead, not pulling too much - we both had fun despite the heavy rain and I went home smiling 😀

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  • That's great! I'm thinking of trying to run with my pooch, a 3 year old boxer. She's really good on the lead to be fair but it would be lovely to start doing a few short runs with her to see how she gets on with me wheezing along behind or beside her! May have to look into something similar as hands free just feels like it would be easier than lead in hand. Hope it continues for you both :-)

  • Thanks, hope to get the correct Canicross harness for the dog soon. Yes, give it a go, I bet your boxer would love it! It is nice being pulled up the hills! ;)

  • Looks fun!

  • It is! :)

  • Looking good 😍

  • Thanks for all your advice :)

  • I can just picture you with your boots and waterproofs sue, sounds like your experiment with the lead went well!😆

  • Ha, ha yes I must have looked daft! Today I put my running shoes on ;)

  • Once you're out in the rain running is easy! It's the convincing yourself to get out there that's the hard part. Hope this new lead helps you get out on more runs now :)

  • I like running in drizzle or light rain, it is rather refreshing (it was like that today) but was torrential!

  • Glad you both enjoyed it 🙂

  • Thank you :)

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