My first UK parkrun!

Got to do the Fountain Abbey parkrun last Saturday. What a MAGNIFICENT setting for a parkrun.Surely this one would be Number 1 anywhere in the World. I struggled a bit with it - but considering that in the previous week I had flown half way around the World, slept almost every night in different bed with different pillow!! And caught a head cold in the process!! I guess it wasn' t too bad. Next one will be Strathclyde - weather permitting. As you all know, I don't do "running in the rain". It was touch and go at Fountains as it rained right up to our arrival at the Abbey


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  • I don't think I could have run anywhere after a week like that. Well done!

  • We run in the rain, Bazza...........

  • Don't do running in the rain?! You'll have a nice rust tan by the time you go home Bazza!😁

  • ...or wind-burn :)

  • Welcome to the sunny UK, Bazza.. great to have you here...Fountains Abbey.. stunning!!!

    Well done you after such a week!!! I think you may, like the rest of us embrace the rain :) And the wind....:)

  • Well done to you! I don't think I would have done it after a week like you've had! I don't mind rain too much but I hate running in the wind 😣

  • That does look like a beautiful place. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Oh yes, that must have been beautiful. Welcome to the UK. Give the rain ago - you might even enjoy it.

  • I love fountains abbey..walked around it several times and have as of yet not ran around there ..perhaps i should. Didn't know you could. Good on ya Bazza!

  • Fountains Abbey is marvellous, Bazza - I'm glad you got to experience that, even with what sounds like a horrendous week! I hope you enjoy Strathclyde in the rain. Erm - no, I mean I hope you enjoy Strathclyde. :D

  • I hope to have a run round there later this year when I'm staying over in Ripon. Fountains Abbey is a fantastic place to visit, also Brimham Rocks if which isn't too far away from there.

  • Welcome to the UK!

    Pollok Park is a much nicer run that Strathclyde..... just saying. 😉 Strathclyde is out & back, PP is running through the North Wood. (Depending on where you're staying of course!!)

    PS - it's a good job you weren't running in the West of Scotland last Saturday - it POURED all day and we volunteers were all soaked to the skin!

  • Aww Bazza that's just fantastic! You did great, travelling from Uk to Spain knocks it put of me, let alone what you've done. How long are you in UK for? you never know, you might get addicted to the rain...

  • Such a beautiful place to run your first UK Parkrun, you couldn't have picked better.

  • plus you are breathing in good old Yorkshire air, makes you run faster!

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