Surprise injury - now what?

I have had a stinging sensation in my foot over the last few weeks while running which was troublesome. If I stretch my toes in my shoes, it seemed to ease. When I got home this morning, I looked at my feet and there was clearly a red mark, some swelling and soreness on the side of the ball of my foot. I think I have a bunion! Lately I have been dressing smartly for work and wearing heels and I thought it was that causing an issue but seems I have a bigger issue. I will be changing my shoes and doing some stretching exercises. Hoping my running adventure isn't going to end with a painful problem. Anyone else had this? I know I can do other activities like cycling and swimming but I love running 😩

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  • Have the work shoes created inflammation? If so you will need to wait for this to subside before the pain easies. Each time you wear those shoes it will aggravate the issue.

  • I think it may have rubbed the area but from what I am reading, bunions are hereditary. I can manage it by looking after my feet, worried it might impact running though but I can always add in cycling

  • Why not ditch the heels and see if it settles? I am sure your GP will also advise. If it is a bunion, surely you would have been aware before now as the joint of the big toe becomes enlarged. Either way, hope it settles soon for you Joolie.

  • I have put the heels away but it was not caused by wearing them as I usually wear sensible shoes, it is hereditary so I need to manage it to minimise pain

  • Sorry to hear that. I would definitely get it checked out and ditch the heels for the time being. I hope it's just a blip x

  • Ditch the heels! Wear them on occasional nights out only πŸ™‚

    I hope your foot feels better soon πŸ™‚

  • I have bunions. I think they are relatively small, as bunions go, and they don't cause me any problems running. I do need wider shoes but as I have huge wide feet anyway I usually end up with men's shoes.

    My bunions give me problems with my work shoes in that I can't wear high-heeled gorgeous shoes all day :( I also have to choose shoes that don't cut into them round the toe, which many, many do :( :(

    However, are you sure it's a bunion? Stinging? If anything, mine are a deep ache when they do play up (high heels...). It's an enlarged toe joint and makes your big toe sit at an angle. Could it be something else?

  • The stinging is in the bone. It is enlarged and sore but improving. I will see a Dr for a firm diagnosis but last time I went to see a GP, he looked it up on Google which doesn't fill me with confidence in the medical profession

  • How reassuring!!!!

    Like the GP who told my husband he was fine with no chest infection or throat issues, 15 hours before he was admitted to hospital with double pneumonia and a life threatening throat infection :)

    Oh goodness!

  • Ooooo. Gout maybe? Eek

  • Not gout, that is in the toes LOL

  • Its in any joint Im afraid to say joolie. A gathering of uric acid that crystalises around the joint I believe. When my daughter was late teens she had it several times in her ankle, toes, etc. Ended up on crutches. The joint you described is a common one for gout. Hers was due to her long term meds.

    Hope all improves soon.

  • In my pre running (and heels wearing!!) I had something like this. It flared up briefly last year after wearing heels as well. Another vote for ditching heels and wearing them on occasional nights out. It's just not worth it. Maybe have a few days rest from running too to see if that clears it up.

  • It has gone down now and I think my work shoes which had a small heel were tighter than I am used to. I have been wearing them for 4 weeks now. I will see how it goes

  • Good idea! I know if i wear tight shoes i get same pain. But i do not intend to 'grow' bunions, therefore i now buy shoes which are slightly wider across this joint. If i pull out an older pair and wear them i suffer for it afterwards.

  • No! I can't wear those high heels either!πŸ˜‚ But Michael Ball wears them! as I noticed this morning on BBCR2 RB at Sara's danceathon..😁

    Hope it clears up for you soon!😊

  • Ouch and ouch...are you sure it is a bunion...?

    It could be, as Jacs-W says.. gout..?

    Or.... has some nasty insect got into your shoe and bitten you!! Don't laugh, this could happen....?

    Don't discount the smart shoe and heels being the issue...( the fact that we some of us only wear them so infrequently is why it is a real pain) !!!!

    I wore heels for a funeral last year and could hardly bear any shoes on afterwards.... it really could be something as simple as that...whatever it is I hope it sorts.. you are doing so wonderfully... xxx

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