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Keeping it clean this winter?


Feel a little cheated, because I am working now, I have to run often in the dark which means early morning or evening runs and I miss my cross country mud splashing, puddle hopping runs from last winter. Easier on the shoes and less washing but I can feel a yearning to get a bit plastered in mud. Next run Monday, so maybe across the fields now it is lighter in the mornings. Have you kept clean this winter?? This is a photo from C25K, reminds me of the good old days!!

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Nope 😀

Not too bad though, cept for last Sunday when I got bogged down in black stuff 🙄 Still, I didn't wash my muck-shedding Cascadias. I think they must be Teflon 😀 They are still in the hall and look fine. Winking at me to take em out again

I have new trail shoes now, all clean ....wicked cackle


I run on the pavement so yes I have! Haven't tried off-road running much as I feel a bit isolated running on my own anyway. Maybe I'll give it a go one day as there are some lovely places to go round here


No, my noo shoos have been under the tap at least twice!

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