Knackered now

The first few weeks of 2017 haven't exactly been brilliant. In January I was so slow, then came a lurgy and I didn't seem much faster when that was over. I consoled myself with the fact I was still running, that there was snow on the ground and it was not sensible to run fast on icy ground. Plus the fact that the cold also slowed me down. Now it's getting a bit warmer there really does seem to be some improvement. Today the sun was shining even though the thermometer only showed one degree C! And I had to get out. So off I trotted, basking in the sun, really hot after about 5 minutes, determined to get a half way decent run in. Slipping and sliding on the muddy patches, striding out on the asphalt, trying to pick my feet up in the woods. There were a few other runners around, some were suffering like me, a youngster loped past me but gave me a cheery good morning and I was pleased I was able to keep him in sight for quite a while. I took a walking break about half way through and was surprised at what I considered a decent time. It was lovely being out in the sunshine and finally running for an hour again. My longest run this year! It was only 8.7 km, but it felt very good.

Then this afternoon I went for a long walk with hubby and we had the first beer of the year in a beer garden, sitting on a hill, overlooking Munich, watching all the dogs playing wildly in the sunshine. It was still only 6 degrees, but it felt a lot warmer. And hubby had no problems with his legs, which have been causing him major problems recently.

All in all I covered 21 km today with running and walking. And I'm knackered now!

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  • Well done! All sounding positive. :)

  • Oh my! Great post..great distance..go you xx You are amazing..21K!!!!


    i feel k*******d too, and I only did 7K..longest run since being off the IC..50 I do feel like a snail !!! Xxx

  • Sounds like a lovely day and a great run too! Well doneπŸ™‚

  • Well done jaysee..😊 the first of many..long runs I mean not beersπŸ˜†πŸΊ

  • That is a great distance (both running and walking), sounds like you had a very active day. Yesterday, I was active but it was around cooking a birthday dinner and cake for someone and running around with Ivy, my grand daughter. It was a running rest day though. It is lovely here in England, warm and pretty sunny and no rain either, so perfect for venturing out and about. I am not bothered about speed because at 53, it is a miracle I run at all. I prefer to think about running regularly and my weekly distances as a goal plus enjoying running too which is important. I'm not keen on sweating, gasping for breath and getting home 10 minutes before I set off. I like to enjoy breathing in the fresh air and being nosey plus enjoying any wildlife as I go along!

  • I do like to see progress. It doesn't have to be speed, it can also be distance. But if I'm too slow it can be a problem to find the time to get decent distances in. And I do like my statistics. If I'm just ticking over I get frustrated although I know I can't always improve. As for getting sweaty, that always happens, however I'm dressed, whatever the weather. I can do a slow run at over 8 mins / km in temperatures of minus 10C and still be drenched when I get back! The only wildlife I regularly see is red squirrels, maybe there are too many dogs around.

    But basically you're right - it is a miracle that I am running at all at the age of 56.

  • This is the wonder of running. Each of us sets our individual standards, find what motivates us to keep running. Time is a barrier because of work, I have to run early and right now that means in the dark. I have moved from running three to four times a week right now and squeezing in a 5k four times a week is working for me. My absolute goal would be to run a half marathon distance, not an event but maybe across country

  • A half marathon is a long way! Although in theory I did the distance on Sunday with a long run in the morning and a long walk in the afternoon. Still the thought of running it all is a bit daunting. I think I need to get stronger before I consider that! Good luck!

  • Just bumbling along right now and do at least 20km per week but this will all be building up my stamina. Will reintroduce a long run this week

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