Does this make a difference to price?

Just got the route for the Hackney Half and I know I have had a moan about his in the past. Due to commitments I can't do it but the price of Β£53 now includes free race photos. That is plural so if it included all your race photos is that something that makes it a better buy or not. I must admit if I was running I I might be swayed a little by that. There is the other side of it though I haven't seen a race photo of myself that I actually like yet but if there was I might contemplate a race based on a good set of race photos? It is still very expensive.

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  • I always look grim in running photos, so it's not really something that wouls make a difference to e. It's still a LOT of dosh!

  • I determined one day to have a good race photo, maybe it will be rare it will be worth paying for one offπŸ˜€.

  • It does make a difference but it is still a bloody liberty. Race photos can be expensive but you are not forced to buy them, here the organisers are forcing you to pay for something you may not want.

    I understand that it is your local race but if it was me, I would give it a miss and tell them why.

  • It's to my local, it my brothers, I just love the atmosphere of it. Hehe I have been a little vocal On twitter.

  • The picture I have put on here is the only one I have seen that doesn't have me actively grimacing. I'd rather have a cheaper entry price I think. I did discover Vitality are a part of Virgin. Will be interested to see what you make of it all if you get to spectate.

  • Likewise... the only race picture of me that I have liked is now my profile picture...but most of the pictures I see I really don't look like i, enjoying myself!!

  • I find they always get my wrong side, that or I don't have a right side when I'm running πŸ˜€.

  • I'm getting wise... If I ever see an official photographer I pretend i'm a real runner... stop grimacing, start smiling, try to have a good running form etc After I've passed them.... back to normal!!! :-)

  • I might venture out and see what it like, maybe next year. I wondered if that was the case with vitality and Virgin, they just seem to come across as different company ethics!

  • I'm with Dunder2004 , I think you should have a choice, if I was the organiser, perhaps offering buying them with entry has a little discount.....and if you buy post entry it's a bit more.....

    They're certainly not 'free' are they! 😑 Cheeky monkeys!


  • They are not free! Especially at that price. When I first saw the price last month there was no mention of the photos as far as I remember I can't help feeling they have been added as a sweetener.

  • I had been planning to run my first Hackney Half this year but I've been put off by the price. I may yet be persuaded, however - although probably not by the offer of free race photos! Likewise I've never seen a good race photo of myself. Although if I knew I was going to get the photos I might make more of an effort when I spot the camera, and try to wave and smile at it (if I have the energy...)

  • Now I'm going to sound like a hypocrite but take the price away and just view the run and it's one of the best runs Ive ever done. The atmosphere is amazing. I can't fit it in this year but I might start saving for next year. Old hackney streets are full of fun and really nice people coming out to greet you and wave and spur you on, it really is fun. I say old Hackney because there is a new generated bit you run though and they tut at you because you've closed their Broadway market down for the morning and I even had to avoid someone pushing their bike in front of me. But luckily that's a really small part of the event.

  • That's exactly why I wanted to do it - I've lived in Hackney for nearly 15 years, so if I was going to do a half marathon I wanted it to be in the streets I know already. But I'm feeling a little financially squeezed at the moment, so I'll have to see...

  • The Oxford Half is apparently going to be branded Virgin rather than Vitality this year, and we're expecting the price to go up for that too. A lot of my club are saying they won't enter if that's the case!

  • Hopefully it's a transition year and lower numbers might make them rethink.

  • Β£53 to enter a half! I just couldn't justify that. Call me a tight Northerner but it is exactly this type of approach that leads to a lack of inclusion and prevents people from taking part.

  • I'm a Whitby lass at heart so "tight Northerner" πŸ˜€ living in London and I have trouble with that price. I'm hoping it's a trend that won't stick.

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