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I should have run into the Spec savers window!!

Hi everyone,

I completed my 5 mile run on Thursday evening, managing to shave another 1:30 of the overall time.

Friday was rest day and I was all siked up for a Saturday 10 mile run, in my HM training.


What a beautiful day for running. I looked out of our lounge window at 6.30am and I could see that it was going to be a nice day, there were just a few light clouds and the sea looked quite calm.

Porridge for breakfast and whilst I was digesting prior to my run I had a quick look at my training programme.


I had misread, Today should have been a 10K run!

What the heck I set off at 9am and jogged over the causeway. The sun stays low at this time of the year so I was running in the shadow of the Island until I was 3/4 the way across. There was a cool breeze but I felt fine. (Shorts, T shirt & gloves)

I Turned up the Rodwell trail heading towards Weymouth, I was now in a blaze of sunlight.

Heading uphill towards Sandsfoot Castle I was already loving the run, there were quite a few cyclists, dog walkers and a few runners around. After the castle the trail becomes more wooded. I had a Robin bouncing along just ahead of me, I was obviously in his territory. Magpies, Grey Squirrels a multitude of other birds and even a rat, all darting around. I started to drop down towards Weymouth and out of the shade of the trees, the sun was again warming my back and legs. I took an energy gel and then reached the end of the trail.

I went through an underpass and then I was bouncing along with the sun in my face around the inner harbour.

To my pleasure the town lifting bridge was down so running across it I rejoined the pathway around the harbour. I saw Mute Swans, Coots, Mallards and Cormorants. With the sun reflecting off the water I was glad my glasses turn dark.

(even if they can't tell the difference between 10k & 10m.)

On completion off the harbour I rejoined the Rodwell, for my return to Portland. Passing over the Fleet at the start of the causeway there were lots of Twitchers, snapping away at a multitude of different birds along the edge of the water. I had the sun in my face again, the breeze was keeping me cool. Passing the 9 mile point my legs were starting to get a bit heavy. I was smiling to myself, thinking that I did my first run, 16 weeks ago. Thanks Couch to 5k.

I hope that you all have a great weekend and some lovely runs.

All the best.

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You described that run so beautifully! 16 weeks to 10 miles -well done you x

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Thanks for your comments and enjoy your running.

All the best.


That sounds a great run Wiggy ! Oh that sounds amazing to look out of your window and see the sea, it is my dream !

Well done, youre doing brilliantly, Great post :-) xxx

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Thanks Poppypug,

I'm certainly enjoying the runs and my goal is getting closer.

All the best.


Still doing brilliantly by the sounds of it! Well done🙂

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Hi and thanks for your comments.

I'm enjoying the training and planning to take it to 11 miles next Saturday. The programme only takes me to 10 but I want to see for myself.

I've got 3 weeks to the HM. I'm certainly getting excited.

I hope your training for Bath is going well.

Your lads must have been in stitches with Paul. lol

I get my race No on the morning of the HM.

All the best.


It's so exciting isn't it?😀 My training is going well too, thanks. 6 weeks to go for me. I am hoping for another 11/12 mile run next weekend and then will have a go at the 13.1miles over half term. 😮 (I would feel happier if I could go in to the race knowing that I have done the distance at least once). This should give me a few more weeks of training and also time to taper a bit before the big day!

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