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My goodness I was rubbish at running today. I had a 45 minute window of opportunity at 0900 with the kids all out at swimming. However I was oncall so my phone had to come too. I quickly got ready and stepped out into the cold, my goodness it was freezing and the paths white. I set out and my breathing was harder to catch up with my legs. My legs felt tired especially my left ankle that I have found to be quite weak after hopping exercises. I didn't have my ipod in case work phoned so no music. The phone flapping in my phone was annoying. I felt tense and it was hard work for a 2.5 mile run. My right hip flexor was twinging again as my hip gets so cold. The desire to stop was huge but I carried on. I feel I just don't have the running ability.......when does it get easier? Such a contrast to my 10k on Monday that I feel like that was a dream and I am a running imposter.

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  • Rubbish runs happen! And, oh boy, do I understand the cold making your hip flexor twinge. I've discovered that the cold makes me slow right down, due to previous injuries and I'm so not on track with my 10k plan!

    Buuut... you stuck it out. So, well done, the next one will be better.

  • I have had right hip flexor twinges since December so I am now putting it down to the cold. I have been doing hip flexor stretches which has made a slight improvement. Sorry having a wingy morning today!

  • Hey, winge away! My twinges are due to the cold - I've had problems with my left leg since a car crash 20+ years ago, it's way better but my muscles still contract and twinge in the cold - it's made me quite despondent, at times. over the winter but I've got round to thinking that as long as I can run once a week I'll survive!

  • Thank you, I think I need to take on some of your positive mental attitude. I am looking forward to spring!

  • Right there with you! I tell my husband - and anyone who'll listen frankly, that I'm solar powered. (I'll invite you round next time the despondency gets the worst of me)

  • Oh my life, I should have that t-shirt... "I am a Running Imposter"! Those runs are just the worst. But you were out there, in the big freeeeze, with a dream 10k to compensate for a bit of a sluggish one today. And by God it was cold this morning. Hats off to you. I took the pooch out for 5 minutes in the freezy stuff for a quick wee and scuttled back under the duvet! ๐Ÿ˜

  • I would have liked to have spent another hour under the duvet but alas the wee trio were up at 0630.......

  • Out there. and doing it... how can that be rubbish.. and as for impostor ?

    Sorry, no.. you are a runner!!!

    Cold, tense, flappy phone... Go you!

  • Cold slows you down (phew, didn't know that - explains my current form!). But there is also a saying along the lines of "your running in winter is an investment for the summer", or something like that. Winter running separates the "men from the boys" - you got out there, that is the main thing! Well done!

  • I like the idea that winter slows you down as my pace has stayed the same since graduating in october......here's hoping I will be a running gazelle by summer!

  • Gosh! (my initial response was way swearier) - you graduated in October and you're running 10k?? Kudos. Don't let a bad run bring you down...

  • Yes, nearly 3 years in and I still expect Laura to step out from behind a tree and say "ha ha, I didn't mean you Curly" W"hy do we do it to ourselves? One little less than perfect runs erases all brilliant runs from our minds...

  • Gosh is it not easier after 3 years!! I know I am still developing running legs but some people out on the common seem so bouncy and make it look so easy! Mind you they are uni students who are so young compared to my 43 years!

  • Ha! Just a baby then!

  • For me, it's probably because I'm still slow. I can do distance, but I'm still plodding along at the same speed I was 2 years ago.

  • I am happy to keep plodding at this speed and I do seem to achieve some distance, I was just disillusioned that it would become easier on my body lol.

  • Bad runs happen to all of us - and as others have said, any run is better than no run at all! Hip flexor issues can be a real nuisance - I had problems with mine in the early summer. I think we often get twinges as we extend our distances, so hopefully yours will settle soon. And well done on Mondays 10k btw!๐Ÿ˜€

  • I have been extending runs up to 8k until Monday, so runs are usually twice a week between 5 and 10k. Now I am trying to fit in a third run on the weekend if possible so extra work for my legs and hip flexor.

  • As i extend my distance i have decided to keep my third run to 3k......intervals. Then a 5k trying to get a little faster, and a slow 5k plus......managed 7k today, slow but still, i got the distance so im happy ! I noticed my hip eased off at 4k today....,.is that because I was fully warmed up by then , i really dont know.

    You are doing really well, put this down to a bad run, next one will be better๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I think sometimes we have to put it down to a bad run, and if that continues analyse the issue and treat. Do you do strength exercises for your hip and core? If not that may help.... ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • I was doing the 30 day challenge but am finding this week a hard week. I still do my hip flexor stretches weekly. I am always open to new ideas if you have any exercises to recommend? I am sure my core could do with help post twins lol.

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