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Review, reflect and revise!

So my goals for 2016 were:

594km plus 10% 653.4km: tick! 😺 Actually smashed! I covered 856.6km!

To run continuously for 10km: no tick 😼 I did manage 12km once during my HM training but as we all know it is the magical three times that we aim for. I covered loads of different distances throughout the year but only the one none stop over 10km.

To run three times a week: tick (can't find a real tick) 😺 some weeks I was actually running four or five times a week! Not including December of course!

To complete 5km under 35 minutes (PB at moment 38:46): no tick 😼 Since April I have mostly kept my Parkrun times under 40 minutes, two were slightly over, 40:02 and 40:25 so not too shabby!

Volunteer at, at least, one ParkRun: tick, massive tick! Think I am up to nine now!

So now to revise for 2017!

Cover 942:26km! Last year's total plus 10%

10km continuously (again)

Run three times a week, swim at least twice a month

Complete 5km under 35 minutes (again)

Volunteer for at least three Parktruns

2016 races completed:

2 HM both PB!

4 10km one PB and two better times than the year before

3 5km all under 40 minutes

Also 32 ParkRuns!

I am very pleased with my running year however I do need to stop, stopping running in December! I have completed only two runs in the month of December! So back to it now and see where my running takes me!

Good luck to those setting goals

Happy running to all πŸ‘Ÿ πŸŽ…πŸΌ

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Sounds like you did great in 2016. Well done. Hope you'll smash your 2017 goals.

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You've come a long way in 2016. Well done, 856 km is quite a distance. Don't forget to buy yourself new shoes when you have run around 1000, or is that just something we runners make up to allow for new shoes every once in a while?πŸ˜€

I was aiming to run 5 k in less than 30 minutes but missed the target by 21 seconds, so like you, I am recycling one of my goals in 2017.

Happy running!

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What I actually did was buy two pairs of trainers and alternate them.

Good luck with your 2017 goals

Happy running πŸ‘Ÿ


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