Whata Mistaka to Maka

Whata Mistaka to Maka

A little misunderstanding this morning, got to Southsea parkrun for 9am only to find it not set up and just a few runners there. But we didn't waste our opportunity for a run, had a nice little trot along the seafront and a chat with fellow runners who made the same mistake as me, still a nice little wake up for the rest of the day. Back at home checked the Southsea website only to find the time was changed to 10am, what a wally! New Years resolution coming up I think get my facts right before I leave home! D: 🙄

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  • Oh whoops! Still you made the best of it and had a great run with other wallys! (Wallies?) Merry Runmas Frank xx

  • I think it may be an age thing. ha ha! Hope you and your family have had a lovely day. xx

  • Been there - done that!!! :) Now , if I am visiting another parkrun, I always check their Facebook page first :)

  • I think I've learnt my lesson with this one!😊

  • 😂

  • You still had a good run anyway! Well done..Hope your day was special too x

  • It made a nice start to the day. We had a lovely day thank you, I hope you and your family enjoyed the day. 😊 x

  • Oh well - you weren't the only one. Gave you a good start to the day I'm sure.

  • It must be an age thing, but it was quite a nice morning for a run and I enjoyed it. Hope you and your family had a great day. 😊

  • Lovely day - hope yours was too.

  • Haha well that's one way to cross the line in first place, start an hour earlier haha

  • Ha ha, that's the only way I'll be able to do it!

  • You've made me look up my New Year's Eve run which is great because I had the time right but the starting place wrong! Hope you had a great Christmas

  • Thank you bop! Glad to be of service this time but I wouldn't rely on someone whose knocking on dementia's door like me ha ha, only joking! Hope you've had a lovely Christmas. 😊

  • If only you took a little longer, you could have started again after your pre-run.

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