Monster medal! :)

Monster medal! :)

This arrived in the post yesterday. My reward for running 100 miles in October! My pal persuaded me i would be capable ( i wasn't entirely convinced!) but i made it a bit of a mission in the end and managed to get to 105! Phew! Don't think i could do that every month! enjoying a bit of a rest this week as one leg has been sore, but quite tempted to sign up for Dec's medal, its so pretty! :)

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  • Oooh! Well done Ali, that's a great achievement. Wonderful bling to go with it.

  • Thanks Linda! it certainly kept me motivated! but have enjoyed my break of a few days this week! :)

  • Well done Ali, what result eh, 105 miles the girl done great!!! 😊

  • aah thanks Frank :)

  • Wow.....that is one huge medal. You did need a few days rest πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Flossy! might venture to Parkrun tomorrow but i've had weds, thurs , fri off running. Gentle one to try it out :)

  • Wow what a great achievement and a great medal. Well done you.

  • Thanks RFC, chuffed to have made it, and made it to my aim of 500km for "Running down dementia" too. Got a HM on 20th Nov so hope leg behaves! :)

  • Hi Ali! Wow! Great medal and well done on an amazing total - that is an awful lot of miles. You definately deserve a few days rest after that! Hope your leg feels better soon. xπŸ™‚

  • Thanks Sandra! it did feel like alot of miles but it was quite fun aiming high, got to my 500km total for "Running down dementia" , wouldn't have got there if i didn't sign up for the 100 miler! good incentive! :)

  • It is more than I can manage, but I also want the December medal!! I wish there was a 100k equivalent- that would perhaps be possible for me!

  • i know what you mean! My previous totals per week were more around the 20km per week mark. Think my legs are feeling the increase in not a good way, luckily the 1st 2 weeks were ok, started feeling tired after Great South Run on the 23rd Oct. but i am V tempted to have a month off then go for December!! :( :)

  • WOW! Well done young lady!! That is truly impressive! :)

  • Thanks John! having the carrot of a special medal made me more determined and the end of the "Running down Dementia" campaign on 31st Oct and getting as many miles for that as i could! The week when i did 6 out of 7 days surprised me(never thought i could do that, though some were only mini runs!) , only did 3 runs the week after that before Great South Run !

  • Wow! That's great Ali! Well done! The Christmas one looks good to.. I don't know if I can trust myself to be able to the miles in the time, but I suppose it would spur me on and give me motivation like I got when doing my 10k race..😊

  • You have a little while to think it over! I did find it a bit daunting,but had 2x 10 mile races booked in so figured that was a certain amount sorted. Around Christmas it could be a good excuse to escape!!! I'm going to see how I feel in the next week or so!

    All the best to you and slinky, and to a fast recovery for her x

  • Yes, could double up on Parkrun's over Xmas as well.. slinky's doing fine... we have been doing some good walks, she's still a bit fuzzy headed due to remnants of the anaesthetic, takes a while to get that out of the system..thank you..😊

  • If I sign up I have 2 races in Dec- the 10 mile chilly hilly race and the post Christmas abominable snowman 10k one too! that would all help!

    Glad you're getting out and about and shes doing well 😊x

  • I'll have to see what 10ks are in my area for December😊

  • Oh gorgeous medal Ali! Well done to you on the mileage - fabulous. And I LOVE that December bling πŸŽ–πŸ€—

  • Thanks IP Me too! We'll have to see!!! 😊

    My legs feeling bit better this morning so am going walkies with george instead of parkrun so I am ok for work later on! πŸ˜•πŸ˜†

  • Amazing achievement - well done!!!

  • Thanks biscuit! 😊

  • Wow this makes you special Ali, congratulations.

  • Thanks nhs😊

    Think i've been paying for it this week,just done 1 club run on tues, have opted out of parkrun for walkies with george before work ! Not that hes looking very lively yet!snoozy dog! 😊

  • Well done Ali! ☺ Blinged up senseless 😊

    TAKE care of those legs! Sounds like you're gonna need em πŸ˜†

  • Thanks MW!! i like that phrase!! :)

  • Congratulations! Its certainly a challenge and not sure I'll be able to do 100 miles in a month atm.

  • Thankyou!! its not a distance i could do every month but kept me going out there! :)

  • Brilliant bling!! Well done

  • thanks Sharon its certainly big!! :)

  • Good Lord! That is utterly amazing (the achievement and the bling)! Awesome aliboo70!

  • Aah thanks McFitty you say the nicest things!! :)

  • Massive well doneπŸ‘And thanks for posting about this amazing bling because I ran over 100 miles in October and can make a late claim for one πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ The Christmas bling is amazing too, a big motivation to keep running over Christmas.

  • Yes i'm very tempted by the December one!! Congratulations on your 100 miles! and great you can make a late claim too! it seems a very efficient site and the medal arrived very quickly ! :)

  • Yes, this could very addictive! Who said running was free πŸ€”

  • but at Β£10 we could be spending much more on things that are less good for us!!


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