Any tips please

Two of my three runs were 8k last week. Trouble is getting up early enough to run that distance plus warm up cool down and stretches and still be in time for work. This morning I only ran for just over 20 mins though the pace was faster. In fact the fastest since I started. I found it hard work particularly the breathing. Any tips greatfully received.

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  • How about two shorter sessions, mix it up fartlek, intervals maybe, and one longer run at wekend?

  • That seems a good way to go.

  • Well done on the 8K but I think you're a relatively recent graduate in which case two 8K runs in a week is a lot! Shorter runs are great for our runners' bodies and mixing up your runs will bring benefit to the long run and vice versa! Try a short 3/4K interval session or hills or speed. Then could you do your long run at the weekend when you have more time?

    The breathing will settle down but perhaps you're running too fast?

    Remember not to increase your weekly total mileage more than 10% otherwise all your hard work might lead you to the IC and we don't want that ☹️

  • I am including more inclines and strangely I am enjoying them. I did drop my distance significantly today and will trybuilding up more slowly whilst increasing the pace slowly too. Being about 3 stones over weight requires work too.

  • You're doing brilliantly 😊

  • I agree with the others - one long run in the weekend in combination with shorter, faster, maybe hilly, runs will do you good. At least it works for me.

  • That seems to be the consensus; two shorter and a longer one, increase the pace more gradually and add a bit more resistance in the form of a few hills.

  • Difficult one this As mornings are a hard time to run

    Other options are

    Run at lunchtime if u can

    Run home if u can depending on how far it is

    Run as soon as you get in

    I know it's difficult if u have other commitments like family etc but running is an activity u can fit in around other aspects of your life


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