Three days rest and Panicking!

So, I was training ever so cheerfully for a forthcoming 10k on 16th October in Palma on my hols in Majorca. Last week in week 4 of B210k I was doing so swimmingly well that I did a whole lot extra (mistake) and in the bygoing earned my 10k badge (brilliant). In one sense this is so FAB that I could die happy right now. In another more physical sense I've hurt my hIps (buttocks to be exact but maybe you'd prefer I kept it vague!) to the extent that I suspect that I have my first ever sports-injury, after 50 comfortable years on the couch. I've made myself have three days off to rest but since I began C25k in February I've never had three whole days off from running. I'm panicking now that I'll now have forgotten how to run or that my hIps are now gubbered forever!

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  • no bum injury here but also struggling with returning after 6 rest days.....

  • Oh Anne, sorry to hear you've hurt your hips... after all the running you have done too.. I'm thrilled for you that you got your 10k badgeπŸ˜„...brilliant..but it shows we are not invincible and can overdo it...

    Take care on that sofa, and hope you are better soon. x

  • Ok so.

    1. You are doing the right thing in resting up.

    2. You are a runner. You will never forget how to do it.

    I do hope your hips feel better soon. Have you had a few gentle walks around just to keep them moving?

    Take care of yourself and I hope you can kick that sofa into touch soon. Xx

  • Injuries demand respect. You will probably do your 10k better by resting now that pushing. I believe that the tapers in most training plans are too short for new runners. Most of my PBs have come after a period of rest longer recommended.

    Relax and enjoy it.

  • That's interesting. I was wondering about the whole tapering business...

  • Try not to panic! Rest is so important and you won't lose fitness overnight. Hopefully it will ease after a few days or maybe a week of rest/ gentle exercise. I am sure you will be fine for the race - best if luck!

  • Hope you're feeling better ☺

  • Newsflash. I've stopped panicking and stopped being such a drama queen. Sorry about the pity party.

    I was feeling better this morning so had a run (7.3km) and survived the experience intact.

    Thanks for all the kind comments!

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