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New shoes blues?

Hi, today I got new running shoes...๐Ÿ˜Š

My first/only pair have worn down quite a bit on the heels and balls. I had Karrimor d30's which had been fine, apart from maybe cramping my toes a bit when i first got them (didn't go up a size) and giving me a hard sore area on the ball of my left foot, which I have had ever since. Quite uncomfortable..

So, today I asked for gait analysis just to check I was a neutral runner and the guy confirmed I was. So I bought the Oasics cumulus 18's which felt very comfy in the shop in a half size bigger than my normal footwear.

When I went running in them this evening all was good apart from that sore hard area on my left foot, for the first 30 mins. When I started my last 15 min run though I felt a tingling sensation in the toes on left foot and some numbness... i wasn't expecting that with super new shoes. ๐Ÿ˜ฏThere is plenty of room in them,without me feeling like I'm tripping over, but why do you suppose i got the pins and needles sensation?

Has anyone had a similar experience..and got any advice. I was excited about the new shoes but this has let them down a bit.

I ran 3 x 15 mins with 1 min walk breaks.


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Hi Jan, I tie my shoes slightly loose to solve the numbness thing. If you lace up tight when your feet are cool, then your shoes will become too tight when your feet warm up and swell with the running. There are lots of different ways to lace up, but just going a bit looser might be a good start. I also recommend looking into double layer socks for that area that's rubbing, if you haven't got them already?

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Thanks Ruth.. will try both those tips. ๐Ÿ˜Š


I used to get numb feet after about 10 minutes a number of years ago. It used to occur every time and drove me wild. That and back ache. Haven't had it this time round though and I have no idea why it occurred or why it stopped! The shoelace idea seems a good place to start!

Have I overtaken you on the bridge to 10 k programme? How's it going?


Yes Jaysee you have definately overtaken me...๐Ÿ˜„

I have just finished week2. Phew its quite hard doing 45 min runs isn't it... my initial euphoria at being back on a 'running plan' has waned a bit, starting to think 'can I do 3 x 17'. Have also been thinking 'there's no rush to push on too soon, I could stick on week 2 a bit longer..ha ha๐Ÿ˜‰

I am enjoying the challenge though and your progress is brilliant. Keep going I am watching you in the distance.x


It is getting tough and I wouldn't be progressing so quickly if I didn't have some time off. When I'm back at work 5 days a week I'll probably just do one run from the programme at the weekend. That'll slow me down! It is daunting facing such long runs all the time - but you can do it. What's another couple of minutes?

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If there is enough room around your toes then the pins and needles, which is normally caused by restricted blood flow, then it is probably the lacing that is causing the problem. Do a search for different ways of lacing shoes.....you will find a lot has been written about this.

I always alternate my shoes, I have three pairs of different makes, especially when breaking in new shoes, to avoid any major impact from the varying support in the shoes.

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Thanks lannoda,

these do have plenty of room which may have caused me to do them up a bit more tightly than my old pair. Probably didn't feel too tight until my feet swelled up a bit..๐Ÿ˜ฏ

These Oasics do have more support at the ankle which is good I think, but not such a thick tread as my old karrimor d30's.

Will try lacing looser next time. Thanks for your advice.


Good advice from the others but where's the picture Jan? It's the law around here to post a picture of new shoes.......


Hi IP, didn't think I knew how to post a piccy but I can. Oops its on a new post of its own though...


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