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Tried something different today -

and enjoyed it. I am running 5 days per week now . Tuesday and Thursday are hardish days with a few K of Tempo paced longish intervals (with 10 minutes easy running on either side). Wednesday inbetween these two is a 40 minute easy running day - but frankly I don't enjoy easy running, even for only 40 minutes. So today I did just 20 minutes of 2/1 walk/run intervals at an easy pace plus 10 minutes easy on either side. The online calculators tell me that, based on my most recent fastest 5K of 31:20 , my easy pace should be between 7:45 and 8:15 mins per k - so today I averaged 8 mins per K. Think I will do more of this in the future. I run parkrun each Saturday at around tempo pace non-stop - and do a 1hour easyish "social" run with a club on Sunday - this one tends to be a bit stop and start waiting for others to catch up :)

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That's very impressive and as I've only just woken up, I had to read it a couple of times to understand it! I guess I will add speed to one of my goals one day but I'll never be catching you up! :)


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