In the doldrums

In short no running of late no injury to speak of,failing mentally as much as anything , I did get out and start to run but then the legs and body bypassed me and went straight to the brain and decided it wasnt going to happen and no sign of it happening anytime soon.

Dis appointed doesn't cover it .. but trying not give in completely after all it is just about 2 years since I started to run and have far exceeded my expectations in so many ways..

am not one for putting it all out there ,hence my absence of late. I will thank you all now as it maybe a while before I return

It wont be the last you hear from me as i will beat this doldrum and get back to doing what has given me so much

Till then , be good , stay fit and run like the wind 😊

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  • So sorry to hear that Rob - wondered where you were? Take that time you need for yourself and run when you can - but do it for the pleasure not the goal. You will be back, I'm sure and in the meantime, take care🙂.

  • Right there with you buddy. Each step is a victory.

  • Ahh slow rob.. missed your posts :( sending happy thoughts your way..and whatever is troubling you.. may it not be for much longer ..

    Your a c25k'r youl be back soon x

  • Oh not_so_slow_rob, I'm so very sorry to hear you're in the doldrums at the moment -it's a really pants place to find yourself. We all have our ups and downs, both in running and in life in general, and I wouldn't wish the downs on my worst enemy, never mind on a lovely forum chum like you who's always been a bit of an inspiration to me.

    I'm sending you lots of cyber-hugs and good wishes. I hope the gremlins sod off and leave you alone very very soon, but in the meantime, don't beat yourself up about it. Cut yourself some slack. The day will come when you won't be able to imagine anything nicer than pulling on your shoes and getting back out there with blessed St Laura for company. Let's just hope that day comes soon. Take care my friend, à bientôt. xx

  • Ancient mum has put it perfectly.... you know can always count on our support Rob, youve always been around as a good friend to lots if people here. We all understand and i for one having had plenty of gremlin and feeling stressed and low time, can 100% identify with you. Keep your chin up and an aim in sight,youve acheived so much ,I'm sure you'll get back out there....

    Don't be a stranger here , support in non running times is always available to you from us...x

  • AM and Ali have both said it all Rob. It's awful when you're feeling the way you are just now, but please please remember that we're all here for you & will support you all the way, running or not. Xx

  • It's very difficult when everything comes together to stop you doing what you want. You have given so many of us so much support and I am sure everyone who has ever shared comments with you wishes you well and hopes you can eventually get back.

  • I know how you feel, chum. I've been unable to run since July, and it sucks. I will be ready to start again at W1R1 soon - wanna do it with me (virtually, natch, though we don't live that far apart!)?

  • Our lovely Slow_Rob , I was just wondering about you the other day as we haven't seen you on here for a while ..

    You have been a constant support to me and many others since the early days and I'm so sorry to hear youre in the doldrums.

    Please know that there are lots of us here who care about you and want to support you through these tough times.

    I really hope you feel better soon and that you can pull those runners on again and get back out there and enjoy it . Baby steps, Rob......

    Take care xxx

  • Sorry to hear the you're running has taken a bit of a "back seat" recently. We ran "virtually" side by side to get through C25K 2 years ago and I know that you have the determination to get out there again when the time is right.

    All the best to you Rob :-)

  • Sorry to hear you've hit a bit of a running slump. Happens to many of us. Don't let it get you down, running will always be here for you. Sometimes we just need to step away for a bit and be gentle with ourselves.

  • Thank you to you all runswithdogs , AndyD, poppypug, useitorloseit, Coddfish, Noaky12, aliboo70, AncientMum, sparky66, yatesco and Sandraj39 your kind words and support is very much appreciated and I am truly touched 😊

    Thank you again 😊 I will be back but as runs saidtime to be gentle on myself .. i.ll try and pop in now and then as i truly wouldn't have got to this point without all the amazing people here 😊

  • Virtual hugs till then x

  • Take care Rob x

  • Rob, we are all thinking of you. If you can, just get out for 10 minutes each day, walk if you feel like it. Get the sun (or rain or whatever!) on your head, and look up. Keep looking up. And breathe in - from your toes! Hope you feel better soon. x

  • Maybe you just need a short break from it Rob. You've been a great support and you're a great pal. You're also a runner. I'm sure you'll get the joy of running back. Is there a lot going on at the moment or are you more tired than usual?

  • How we feel mentally has such an impact on running. I have had some issues myself - finances, work, not knowing what I doing with my life in general - and my running was so hard that I dropped back. I even developed a sore calf that was so painful when I ran, I had to stop and walk. I decided to just chill out for a time. I re-introduced walk-run which took off the pressure. I was still covering 5k but easily. I ran for 100 X 2 double paces but very slow, then walked the same. Still felt like a runner but had the luxury of recovery walks, began enjoying it again and stepped it up little by little. Now I do 2 X 5k, nice and slow running and a 10k (5 run, 5 run walking)! Even if you just walk, it is still good

  • One of the many inspirational people for me on this forum. Hope you get out of the doldrums soon - just one step at a time. Even if it's just walking, no pressure, it always makes us feel better. We all know you'll be out there again soon - and we're always here for you!

  • Mmm, I know what you mean, my enthusiasm had waned of late. I dropped my runs down to 2 a week and I can tolerate that for the moment.

  • I've been running just over three years Rob and while I haven't reached your stage, I do recognise the symptoms. For me, regular visits to the C25k forum keep me honest......I can't offer advice and not do the same.

    I also believe that being too goal oriented in running can turn it into a slog which removes much of the pleasure and satisfaction. I have only tried one 10k race, I do occasional parkruns but still love to run by myself in beautiful surroundings, with little thought for time, pace or distance. This reaffirms my love of the physical activity.

    It has been said that every runner should have a total break every now and then, so maybe you are due that now, Rob. You know that it is good for you and maybe a little bit of distance will give you the perspective to restart.

    Best wishes.

  • Aw Rob I was just thinking of you this morning and wondered how you were getting on. I'm so sorry to hear you'd misled the mojo.

    The others have said it all really but I just wanted to add that you're in my thoughts and please don't be a stranger. You were very encouraging to me while I was on the IC earlier and your kind words really helped me.

    Sending you a virtual hug x

  • You can get back to it when you feel good and ready Rob. You inspire so many people on here...

  • Oh sorry to hear that Rob, I'd say just go with it, running is a funny chap, and one day will whisper in your ear "come back to me Rob" and you will discover all over again how much you like it xx

  • Hey Rob, shift up a bit on the couch... you may have seen that I've not exactly been wearing my trainers out recently, either. Today was the day I pulled on my trainers and did myself a 5K, albeit with a massive stitch. I hated it all the way around, but it's a start. I recommend giving yourself some walk -runs, with Laura or without...and without putting pressure on yourself. "Don't waste time looking for inspiration. Begin, and inspiration will find you".

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