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The rest before the storm ;)

Today I have taken a day off running before the 8 weeks preparation to the 10k begins.

Tomorrow I am planning to do my first day with fast intervals, possibly on the track, with 2-3M warm-up, then 8 x 400m in 80/84 secs, with 2-min recoveries, then 1/3M (depending on the time) cool-down.

Risks include reaching the braking point of some muscle or tender or problems with joints. Hopefully i have prepared this quite well over the summer and dropping 12 Kg. in weight (which should help with the joints) .

I'll let you know how it goes

all the best for now ;)

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Ooh that sounds tough but it will pay huge dividends 😊 Good luck!

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Good luck and well done on the weight loss!


So it is done!

I went to the track this morning taking the long way (I had a 3 miles warm up in the darkness). The sun was starting to rise when I got to the track and by the time I finished stretching and strides it was pretty much day time (6:30). I started my first 400 mt. and it felt strange, difficult to keep the pace I wanted (between 1:20 and 1:24). first 200 meters recovery jog and started again the 400 mt.

By the forth 400 mt. I got the hang of it and I could run below 1:20 (That is a 3:20 per Km.!!!), but I was getting tired.

the last 4 400 mt. were incredibly hard!!! I did not remember how hard it was to train in this way!!! I managed to keep the time just below (or at) 1:20 with 200 mt. recovery and I am happy to say that, even if I pretty much collapsed on the ground after the 8th 400, I managed to do it!

My first step in 10K training is done! Now let's see how my body reacts (a bit stiff here and there and my knee hurt a bit, but for the moment could be just tired... let's see how the day goes...)

For the moment I am very happy I made it (I didn't do anything similar to this for more than 10 years and it feels good to be able to do it again ;)

happy running



Gawd! That sounds horrific!

Take care, it sounds a big ask for your body, and nothing is worse than disappointment. I'm looking for this bridge to 10k that Sami Murphy does. It comes highly recommended, like Laura but with brass knobs on, I gather!

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Another interval training smashed today :)

Same 3 Miles warm up, - 8X 400 mt. in 1:20 (averaged 1:19, with a bit o lactic acid formation in the end) with 200 mt. jog recovery.

I am definitely testing my head more than my body at the moment: it is hard to keep pushing in the 4th,5th 400... but definitely enjoying it as well :)


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