Cup of tea hydration?

Cup of tea hydration?

Going for a 10k today (hopefully)! Thought a cup of tea would both hydrate me and warm me up before setting off. I see lots of people running while carrying a drink. Does anyone here feel this helps them and if so, what is the best thing for hydrating you. I think only running for an hour means I can drink before and after my run but don't need to take a drink with me. What do you all think?

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  • I think that's fine. It is an individual thing of course - I have found that I'd get a bit headachy running for an hour+ so I took to carrying water in a belt so I could sip as I went along. This seemed to help, and the belt was a useful investment, since water is necessary when runs get longer than 10k for sure :)

  • Morning runs are my preference. I get up around 0630 have one or two cups of tea (I use organic soya milk as I found that stopped some of the age related 'lady issues' - hot flushes in other words and have just carried on using it) and am out the door, dressed ofcourse 😀. That's for runs of up to 11k/1hr(ish). Haven't had any hydration issues. I avoid running in the intense heat we've been having. As long as it's not hot and for around an hour I don't think you will have any problems if you are not a big drinker on the run.

    Will just say that I have been taking my belt, just to practice using it. It's one I got from SD ages ago and was "only" £9.99 and has proved useful - 2 small bottles and a zipped pocket that takes a reasonable-sized phone, tissues, keys and a few small goodies. It has proved comfortable and swivels round to access the bottles easily. Have only tried running with a water bottle a few times and after each run have vowed never again. Now with my belt or Camelback, if I need to take hydration one of those items will be going with me.

  • I have a cup in bed, before every morning run.. about 3/4 hr, before.. part of my routine.. that and two digestive light bikkies :) I always have one sip of water before I leave the house..( yes.. weird routine) . I usually, have not taken water for anything under 5K, except in this humid weather, I have been taking some water, (I got very dry on one run, and had to call in daughter's house to ask for a drink of water please?) and stopped and had a drink if I felt parched!

    I have got a belt coming today with two small water bottles in ready for France :) Curlygurly2 says it is warm out there! :)

  • I often wonder about this too. I just can't imagine fiddling with bottles and belts while running, maybe you have to stop? I can imagine pouring it all over myself or choking on it!

  • I carry water with me on many runs now, always for a 10K or longer and in the heat for shorter runs. I take regular sips and I find it helps my energy levels. It might be "in my head" but it works for me.

  • I always take water with me . I add a few pinches of salt into it now as I noticed when I ran the other week, I could taste salt on my lips as I had sweated so much in the heat . I just take a few quick sips on the hoof.

    Im used to carrying my little doughnut water bottle , I hardly realise I am carrying out now :-) xxx

  • I got a little excited as I thought you were recommending taking a little doughnut! Wishful thinking maybe 😮

  • Hahahahahahah :D :D :D

  • Oooh, cake!

  • I take a doughnut water bottle with me on anything over 3km, I am not really sure I need to but it seems to help with my breathing as I take small sips!

    Happy running 👟

  • Sounds good, thin I am going to try and get a belt with a small bottle for some sips, might be refreshing

  • I have a few mouthfuls of water when I leave the house first thing in the morning. I have noticed headaches when I've run on hot days and I'm not running very much yet, its because I don't drink enough during the day quite often whether running or not. I'm posting really to say that I love that photo, it's me after ten minutes of running!

  • No, don't need water on the shorter runs, if your well hydrated beforehand, unless it's hot, I have a belt that carries two small bottles, so good for the odd sip...and don't have a problem fiddling with belts & bottles, they are easy!😊

  • I haven't taken anything for runs up to 10k, but I try not to run in the heat and I'll need to take something if I run longer. I experimented with a bottle in a small running rucksack and a tube (don't know the technical term!) on a recent walk - but found it difficult to drink on the hoof - and that was only fast walking. It also made me feel a bit queasy. Will have to practise a bit!

  • Think I will stick to drinking before and afterwards, sounds a bit fiddly, I won't die as I usually run 10k!

  • I have the opposite problem :D The only time I have taken a drink with me on a run was when it was 31.5C at beginners' running club two weeks ago, and if it hadn't been BRC there's no way I would have gone out at all in that heat! Because I don't run with water, I didn't have a running bottle so just took an ordinary small bottle of water with me, and boy was it annoying! After that, I went and bought a small doughnut bottle (ha, cake :D ) and since then it has been really cool!

    I've looked at belts with spaces for bottles. Decathlon do some shorts with a multitude of fab pockets that have enough space for bottles, phones, a couple of sandwiches, a thing for taking stones out of horses' hooves and an AA person, but unfortunately the shorts are too short for me :(

  • I've gone up to 10/12 miles without taking anything with me. I hate carrying a bottle and generally don't need it. I think you have to find what works for you.

    If I was going out when hot though I do grudgingly take something, but that's rare.

  • I always take water with me. Mostly to cool my face as I get very hot!

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