13 kilometres in the cool woods this morning

13 kilometres in the cool woods this morning

After my lacking confidence and achy calves, I was very happy to do a non stop 5k on Wednesday. Went out today but my legs were not fantastic, so decided to do a long run-walk and covered a total of 13k, half was running, half walking so I am relatively ok with that. Aim next week - 2 X non stop 5k plus a long walk-run of at least 10k. Moving is better than staying in eating!

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  • Beautiful, beautiful..what a lovely place and a lovely run/walk. Taking it slowly and loving every moment....perfect! :)

  • I am trying to be satisfied that I am still running, still injury free. Still disappointed that after graduating fro C25K I was running 5k not stop three times a week, even a10k and by now I should be on track towards my half marathon training for September. That is not happening at all though so I make sure I continue with three weekly runs and my goal is to be able to run non stop again for 5k three times a week.

    It is a complete mystery to me that my fitness level dropped because I did all I could to be a regular runner, introduce gradual increases and yet this ache in my calf has knocked my confidence to keep going. On track though to regaining my confidence and enjoying cool locations in the heat. I actually prefer winter running despite the mud and rain

  • Oh dear... horrid that it is not going to plan...sometimes there does not seem to be a rhyme or reason to things.

    Positive bits, as you say, are your confidence, and finding shady spots to run. Plus.. you are running.. so many folk still on the IC...

    Keep smiling..only 5 months until Christmas?:)

  • Well done Joolie. Beautiful pic. We all have rubbish runs where things just dont go to plan but you're determined and things will get better. I blame alot of it on the weather tbh. X

  • Life has been unsettled recently, jobs, disappointments etc, so maybe that has affected my running, I think a lot of it is the mental challenge. Still running, so I haven't given up!!

  • I can't ever think that giving up is in your vocabulary JoolieB1 so onwards and upwards!

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