5 mile Ghost Run

5 mile Ghost Run

Just registered for the 5 mile Ghost Race in Portsmouth on Fri 28 Oct, it is the first event I will have taken part in with my grandson Owen running with me. It takes place through foxes wood in the evening (head torches must be worn), we have to take our chances to dodge the zombies, should be interesting! 😱 Good job I'll have my protector with me! 😱

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  • Sounds good, they do a similar one over here too.

  • Should be fun, have you ever done the one on IOW?

  • No but I think Ali has

  • Hope not yet!it's at parkhurst forest!😊

  • Oh Frank ! Wooo this sounds scary but really good fun !

    I'd really like to do something like this locally , but its a bit too close to my HM.

    Have fun, sounds great ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Chris, should be fun, it certainly will be different and I'll have my minder with me! 😎 xxx

  • Ha ha , Scooby Doo and Shaggy ha ha :-D xxx

  • That sounds great fun Frank!

  • It will certainly be different, but fun.

  • That sounds nuts, I'd do that :) Great that you and Owen get to run together

  • Sounds fun Frank!with Owen too will be extra good😊 that must be near to the GSR date!😆

  • I'm looking forward to it, yes it's on the Fri evening after the GSR. 😎

  • Wow! That sounds so amazing! Wish there was something similar near me.

  • It a first for me and at the moment my grandson is zombie mad, should be fun. Hope someone organises one for you in the future. 😎

  • Turns out there is a similar thing locally to me (midlands)..... :)


  • There's also this in Nottingham...


  • Thanks for the link - it looks like another good event too :)

  • Ooh! Sounds interesting. I love Halloween 5ks! My first 5k was Halloween themed.

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