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Who here is a fully COMMITTED run/walker??

- and using it to do longer distances?

I found this old blog - starts here in Jan 2012 runningbeforeiwalk.wordpres... and fizzles out in 2014 -- but she runs two marathons using Galloways plan TO THE LETTER!! Trouble is with these Wordpress blogs is that timewise they start at the end and you therefore have to read them from the bottom up if you want to read them sequentially by date.

I use run/walk and follow Galloways plans fairly closely - his magic mile test ( 10 mins) has me doing 5k at 32:30, 10K at 1hour11 , and HM at 2hours 36. - and these are identical to what I have run in the past!! However I have not really trained at his very slow training pace - which for me is 9:15 mins per K. For me to train this slowly I would have to walk at least 2/3 of the distance. So , for my current HM training, I have been doing my longruns at 1 minute per K faster than this - however I am pondering going further to a local full marathon in September - my longrun is currently to 24K klms this week - so perhaps I can go further over the next 2-3 months while I am here?? :)

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I am not committed to it, I want to be a runner but my legs force me to be a walk-runner! When I graduated, I certainly was very against anything that was not solid running. However, if walk breaks allow you to regain the ability to run again, seems more than reasonable, what's the race after all? Right now though, I have my eye on a September Half Marathon so don't want to over rely on walking


I just did my first HM ever using run/walk (from the start) as I was feeling unsure about my training. I came in close to my run only predicted time (using fully run 10ks as a bench mark). I don't think I'd have finished if I'd tried to run from the beginning due to foot issues.


That is good to hear. I also can't really even imagine trying to run a HM non-stop. Although I have to admit that I used to think this about the 10K and have now run in two 10K events running non-stop. Frankly it doesn't matter what you/I do - how we run -- except for me here in Australia, basically nobody runs using run/walk ( except for walking when they have to! ) :)

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