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How to use my Gamin 220 this way????

I want to run a number of 1Klm repeats with a short time interval rest inbetween. BUT - I want to be able to run a certain mins per K pace while running - during each repeat and not at the end of the repeat. Therefore I want to be able to see my average pace on the watch during each running repeat. I can currently see how to see my instantaneous pace at any time ( this however is not very accurate) and I can also see my average pace for the entire duration of the whole workout. But not what I want above. I don't think that using the splits function of the watch ( which I am not sure how to use anyway) will help as that would probably only give me the split time after each 1K running segment??

Any Ideas please????

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If you had one watch for each kilometre then the problem would be solved, but you might have to alter pace expectations to compensate for extra weight carried.

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There is an interval training set-up on the 220, which allows you to set up work and rest intervals, I believe there is also a run/walk setup.


Are you doing this by means of a pre-loaded workout?

If not, you would need to manually press the lap button (button 3) at the end of each interval. You would also have to change your data fields on one for your screens to show "Lap Pace".


So - would I programme an interval (say 1klm running/1 minute walking) x 3 times over - and then press the lap button before I started running the first klm and also at the end of that klm?? ?? When would I repeat the lap button pushes?? I did try something like that today but it didn't seem to work real well - got some strange lap paces. Somebody else elsewhere has said that I could create an intervals style workout within Garmin Connect - but I don't see how that would work insofar as monitoring my pace during the 1Klm repeats ( and not the 1 minute walk breaks)


Once you start the pre-loaded workout, there is no need to press anything until the end. Each lap/interval is recorded/shown as automatically. Your watch will give you countdown beeps when it is time to transition. I am not sure what you mean by strange lap paces.

Yes, Garmin Connect is the simplest way to create workouts. Once created, you upload it to your watch.

By way of an example, here is a pre-loaded intervals session I did last week based on running 1Km (4 times) with a 2 min 30 recovery Jog in between.


I think this is how I would do it. Then you would get the average per 1km (interval) at each stage.


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