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Interval training

Intervals tonight. Running to threshold heart rate then back to easy. It's quite surprising how quickly my heart rate drops back now. I'm sure the heart rate training is working. More easy runs and long runs with a few faster ones for fun. ( ha ha ha ). I'm looking forward to thursdays training as I am due to do two lots of 40 mins easy running with a ten mins walk in between. Last long run before westonbirt 10 k next week. Happy running folks, keep smiling. X x x Andy

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I do a form of HR based fartlek run -- ie I run either longer and slower or faster and quicker - including long hills and short steep hills - until my HR rises to 90% of my maxHR , and then walk until it falls back to %70%. Rinse and repeat!

I have read quite a bit about HR training - but this free book is the best and simplest I have found. He works on HRR ( heart rate Reserve or "working heart rate reserve) when calculating effort percentages. You really do need to have a fairly close/accurate understanding of what your maxHR is though.


I'll have a read. I've done lots of research and book reading but anything that makes me a better runner works for me. !!!!


One of the thing that confuses me most about the literature re HR training - is the terminology regarding % of either max HR or Heart Rate reserve(HRR). as an example, 70% of your max HR and 70% of HRR will give you two different numbers. So- what numbers do we train to???


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