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How to eat an ELEPHANT???

I'm sure we all know the answer to that - which is , one spoonful at a time!! :)

Not long ago, I read somewhere that to complete a huge unimaginable task, it is easier to break it up into smaller tasks. This article was written within the context of running - and argued that before we can run (say) 10K continuously, we need to be able to run it non-continuously first. I am now applying this principle to my HM training. It is just unfortunate that HM and M training takes so long time for each event - it is difficult to practice.  10K is however a good distance to practice this principle.

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Hear, hear👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 

and after all,  that is exactly the principle of how we completed /walk...all the best in your 10k training for half marathon distance Bazza1234 .


Sounds like a decent plan. HMs and marathons are just such a long way. Someone posted that they think of a marathon as 8 park runs - which doesn't seem quite so daunting. Good luck with your training!


I agree, and that's also how I mentally cope on very long runs... I chunk it up to bite size bits 😎


I am not really running 10k at the moment, but on my normal long run days I will walk the remainder of the 10k so as to complete a run/walk 10k. I feel like the task is still complete - and I've eaten a half spoonful of elephant !


I am applying the same principle...I am slowly increasing my distance every week to get upto 10K...but only doing walk/run......I have registered for a 10K race and I plan to run the race using the same strategy... but hopefully will be able to run the whole 10K distance some day soon...


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