A good week

There are good  weeks and there are good weeks 😊

Mine consisted of a steady 5k onTuesday after work, a quick 4k on Thursday after work and my 1st run for an age with an average pace of less than 6min/km. Then today another run of 12.21km in 1:22:45 almost a min quicker than last week, this tipped my total distance so far to 254km, over 33% for the year, so far against my goal of 750km 

Who would have thought it , a year ago was firmly ensconced on the dreaded IC, so from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs 

Running certainly takes us on roller coaster of ride, i have no intentions of getting off 😊

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  • Sounds great Rob. Well done coming back from the IC and doing so well.

  • Thanks bop 😊

  • Well done Rob! That does sound like a good week of running and increasing that distance very nicely☺. 

  • Thanks Sandraj39 it is great when it all comes together 😊

  • Whoa Go you Rob !

    Well done on a fantastic week of running ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks as always poppypug 😊xxx

    How are you doing xx 

  • Im fine Rob, thank you very much ! :-) xxxx

  • Good to hear poppy 😊xxx

  • Great times there Rob, well done!!

  • Thanks Mat :) 

  • Well done Rob, you're going great guns just now.

    Keep up the happy running! ☺ xx

  • Thanks Noaky 😊 just wish the dam weather would settle , cold one min hot the next ! 

  • Well done Rob.  Being back to running off the IC is just the best thing since sliced bread isn't it.  

    As I ran this morning I thought about those still on the bench and sent them all positive vibes and hoped they'd be back to running soon.  It's just the pits int it

    Luckily you're up and at em!  

  • Thanks missw 😊last year seems a lifetime away now ☺

  • Sounds brilliant, really well done! I've had a pretty decent week too. I did a 5k on Wednesday that was only 6secs shy of my PB, and today I did 9k in 1hr 36secs which is a PB for that distance.

  • Thanks Laura and well done You too 😊

  • well done Rob, sounds like great progress! :)

  • Thanks Aliboo 😊

  • Sounds llik you're back on form Rob, don't think many of us can achieve a sub 6 kilometre, im pleased with the odd sub 7! Are you finally over your injury now and are you running any differently now? 

  • Hey Andy 😊 get the odd twinge now and then, if I do  I usually drop a run  and take more rest days. 

    I think I am a stronger runner I have tried to keep my form and stay strong 😊even when it gets tougher towards the end of the longer runs . 

    The best split was 5:36 😊for that run .. must have been downhill with a tail wind .

    Hope you are still going strong Andy 😊

  • Brilliant week of running.. sounds wonderful.!

  • Thanks oldfloss ☺

  • I am doing different length runs at the moment and just seeing how they evolve...did my 6.92K, Tuesday...( my longest run up to press... I had two rest days...apart from a cycle ride)  and then on Friday just did 4 K.. this morning, am heading out for a gentle 5K.

     I am finding it slightly easier to go with the flow at this point, rather than set myself a definite target.... although the new Graduate 10 badge that Realfoodieclub has posted about.. tempts me.. I like badges! But is will be very slow and very steady for me !!!

  • You are doing just fine oldfloss 😊 doing it your way is the right way ☺

  • Impressive! Well done and keep ruuuuuuunnninnnnnnggg!! 😄 

  • Thanks Northern ☺

  • Not_So_Slow_Rob, this post has made me very happy!! Great news m'dear, you're doing absolutely brilliantly -some long ones, some quick ones, some leisurely ones and no pressure. Absolutely perfect. Have to say that Graduate10 badge is looking mighty fine xx

  • Thanks AM 😊Things are looking and feeling pretty good at the moment xx 

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