I have done four runs since leaving the IC... my distances vary... none of the runs are too long and all 40 minutes and under. I did not want to push myself, or my knee, too hard., so have gone steadily. 

First run, on hols, Tuesday last week...just under 5K, second run Friday.. about the same distance...give or take a detour to look at a lamb! Third run, Sunday, back home, 6.72 K... and yesterday...5.72K.

So...I can run for 5K comfortably and beyond..always got something left, and feel like I could go on...So, I am capable of increasing my distance; now;

Does it matter that I fluctuate...if I want to increase my distance, which I do? Ought I to try to do that, by building up each time? Is it detrimental to have some shorter and longer runs.. how will I know if I am making progress, unless I am consistent.. So many questions...!

This why I don't think I should be posting on this forum.. you all know what you are doing! I sound like a twit. Maybe I am not ready for the big school yet!


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  • I think a mixture of shorter and longer runs sounds fine. There are plenty of plans out there but if you  want to just try out different things until you find what works, then you should. I'm sure others on here will give you better advice than me!

  • Oh, btw, I didn't even realise I had followed you to the 10k forum! Doh! 

  • No worries... I am glad of all advice! I am going to stick to my running style for now and try for a slightly longer run tomorrow!!!

  • Most important thing is that you know what u can do.  I just run a bit further if I feel good, started with 3 X 5k which was a challenge for some time but I think I got a bit faster by accident so I kept it challenging.  One day I just ran on to 5.5 k which felt good.  After that, I stuck to one long run a week with 2 X 5k.  I did a 6, then a 7, then I did an 8!  Found a nice flat track and just plodded and plodded some more to a 10k!  My legs really felt it so I just dropped the distances down.  I always do 2 X 5k and at least a 10 now because I have a 10k event in June.  If my legs are OK on a run and recover well, I keep at it.  If I have a twinge or a niggle, depending on how bad it is, I rest for a week or drop down to 3 X 5k, make sure I run on grass or soft ground as much as I can.  Julie

  • Great advice.. sounds a bit like me but you run for longer distances!! I plod... but can keep going, whereas my Son in law says he can probably run faster but has not got the stamina I have!

     I have a plan for a longer run.. tomorrow , but will have Husband on speed dial in case I collapse in a heap!!! :)

  • Once a week, feeling good and able to run on a little is possible.  Even a small increase soon adds us!  If ur legs are ok, do a bit more next week.  If they are sore or recovery takes a couple of days repeat the same distance on ur long run day.  I run on soft ground as much as I can too, that works my legs harder but all over instead of pounding on the same joints!

  • I think long and short runs are good for you. The shorter ones increase your speed and the longer ones require stamina. I too am wildly inconsistent and would love to be able to run at a consistent pace. But sometimes I'm so puffed, then I look at my time and think I was no faster than a relatively "easy" run the week before. All very strange. But we're still finding our feet, I think. You're doing great, slowly increasing your distance as it suits you, not overdoing it. 

    And, of course, your lovely, lyrical posts!

  • Feet finding is right.. and I am enjoying it which is why I do it!!!

    Slow and steady does it...and as you say some difficult runs seem harder than easier runs.. weird it certainly is.. But how much we learn about ourselves don't we?

  • I do two shorter runs per week - the longest of these is 5.4km - and one long run at the weekend which is usually around the 10k mark. Of my two shorter runs one is usually a tempo 5k and the other could be a hilly 5.4k or C25K+ Stamina/Speed. And I vary my routes significantly - the benefit of lots of pavements! I'm now a big fan of hills too: I think I prefer a hilly run to an interval session.

    For the longer run I am currently attempting a route with a hill about 3km in as that's what I'll be facing on June 12th for the Two Castles Run.

    Why not try a 7.5k for your next long run? Then 8 for the one after that. Keep the pace slow and mind your knee!

  • Some good advice there, thank you. I do go slow and steady and am watching the knee... not literally obviously...:)

    Strangely... I am learning to embrace a few hills...( so many inclines around here). I have learnt to embrace the mud.. so..the hills are next. Not sure for intervals though.. it will be a Stamina to start I think. 7.5 K sounds a really long way...I will try for 7 K , first decent day...which may be tomorrow!

    Thanks :)

  • I think there is no rush so I would extend one run a week by not more than 10%. If you're completely wrecked the day after a run, maybe it was a bit much so would stay there for a bit before going further. Just let my body catch up with my expectations. I am sure there are better, more scientific approaches but I just go on how I feel the day after a run. I tend to run a bit further, then stay at that point for a time, just consolidating it and after a bit move on running a bit further. However, if a run went badly for me, I would just run for 30 min or even 20 and be fine with that. I always tell myself when I head out that if it is just a 30 min run, that's good enough. Once I get to 30 min in, I am usually amenable to carrying on but I don't force myself too much. I am not competing in the coming Olympics so I take it as it comes pretty much. If you like a more planned approach, there is the bridge to 10k on here somewhere I think.

  • Such good advice.. so many things to ponder on...I give myself messages before a run too.. like, I can stop when I like, I can turn around, I will just get to the next tree.

    I am not intending to be any kind of a Marathon or even half marathon runner.. just want to go a tad further each week, as you suggest, to see if I can :)

    Thanks you x

  • You certainly don't sound like a twit, a twit is the person who has questions but doesn't ask them! I will be finding the answers to your questions intersting too as I am sure will others. x

    I must confess I am doing a mixture of shorter and longer runs at the moment. For the shorter runs I concentrate on going a little faster. Did a 5k yesterday morning at my usual 6m30s ish per k when running 5k this morning I went for a 3k and ran at 6m ish per k. I have to say I am quite enjoying what I can only describe as "freedom" running at the moment, not particularly following any sort of plan, just deciding on a route and running it. I have enjoyed early morning before work runs this week, they have really set me up for a day in the office and they get me a good chunk of my daily step goal in too. One of the local recreation grounds near my office is exactly 1km when you run round the perimeter so it's great for visualising how far you have to go and if I'm feeling good after a certain distance it's excellent for keeping going.

  • Thanks Andy.. i am enjoying the runs, long or short and will try to go a bi further... I have a plan for a run tomorrow..it includes only one loooooooooooong hill... and then downhill and flat. 

    I got used to the distances of runs before Graduation, but now I am finding new routes, it has caused a bit of hassle. I will sort it with all this advice and get into a routine that suits me..! :)

  • Keep posting here Flos. As a new graduate, I am also floundering about, not quite knowing if I'm doing right or wrong but doing it anyway. Reading other posts helps re-enforce what we should be doing. We are all learning, even those training for marathons.

  • Yes indeed, education is a wonderful thing..learn something new every day.. especially from each other :)

  • Fluctuating distances is fine.  A running plan will include lots of distances.  Changing up and down is good for your legs.  It's good for them not to be able to second guess what they're going to be asked to do ☺

    Also, running what you feel like is ok too.  If it is too much of a chore then it's no fun ☺

  • I agree.. lots of good advice and fits in with my running style..Have a cunning plan for a run tomorrow.. watch this space! :)

  • As cunning as a fox who has just been appointed professor of cunning at Oxford University???

  • Totally! :)

  • Oldfloss: you are a valued member of this community, you earned your place here by graduating C25K and it is a privilege to have you with us.

  • Not sure  on that.. but it is great being part of it :)

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